Saturday, February 12, 2011

042: just put your paws up


Today Gaga finally released her first single from her new album! Of course she's been teasing for months & months... singing a hook, revealing the title, releasing all the lyrics, & putting out the single cover art! Finally Born This Way is actually out & both Sam & I are in love.

Of course, it's reminiscent of Madonna's 'express yourself', and being completely honest with myself, it's not her strongest song (especially after singles like Bad Romance & Alejandro). And I'm not entirely sure that they needed to hype it up that much... But I'm still majorly in love with the message, and I know Sam is too. As cheesy as it sounds, the things she says about being different & embracing it is SOO motivational to us. I know I speak for Sam too when I say that we completely adore her. Some of the things she was saying at the concert nearly had me in tears... okay, I'm being a stan. I'll stop. Go listen to the track if you haven't yet! Though I'm sure you have since it's the number one itunes download in 22 countries within 24 hours.

What I'm TRULY excited for is her performance at the Grammys this Sunday (and just the Grammys in general! WOO!) Who's gonna watch the Grammys with me?!?

Sam & I are gonna be away from the computer for all of tomorrow, so we're gonna do a double-blog on Sunday to make sure we're staying on track with our 365 blog posts :)


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PS, I'm going away overnight so I really should start packing for my weekend adventures, but I'm so bogged down by my sushi dinner. Listen to this, I went to our fav all-you-can-eat sushi place & the waitress welcomed me like an old friend & saw me off with a "SEE YOU NEXT WEEK!" hahaha omg. HORRIBLE. I may have to go on a sushi hiatus. She was also wishing couples a "happy vah-ren day". so awesome.


  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! the "Ps" part of this post had me in a serious giggle fit! Especially how the lady wished you a happy Valentines day!

    The gaga song was the first thing Brit did when she woke up yesterday morning. After she told me I then had to listen of course! I think its more then safe to say, WE LOVE HER! I said the same thing about the Madonna comparison! Talk to you soon, have fun on your trip!

    Don't be a Drag, just be a Queen!

  2. I totally agree about "Born this way"!
    It's not her strongest song, for sure, I'm not impressed at all, but...I'm quite sure she'll do a better impression with the video! Let's wait...

  3. Yes, I'm totally excited for the video too!

    Have you ladies seen this cover yet? SO adorable!

  4. Oh my god! This cover is soooo cute, that girl is really lovely and really talented!
    Thank you for sharing :D


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