Thursday, October 27, 2011

250: everybody is ugly

Our first post on Everybody is Ugly is UP! In it, we teach you guys how to make a faux fur stole. Check it out :)

Every year as the temperatures drop, we can be sure of certain fall/winter trends re-emerging. Rich colour palettes, heavy layers and luxurious fabrics all come back into play. After a long summer of skimpy clothing, Fall is the time to really show how versatile your wardrobe can be. Making sure that you own key pieces that are essential for fashion and function can really make dressing warm and chic an easy task!

Enter the fur stole— a fashion classic for the glamorous old hollywood crowd— it’s back and more versatile than ever. The reason I love fur stoles is because while they act functionally as a scarf, they’re actually disguised as a fur collar that you can add onto any jacket or cardigan to give it a whole new look. Any item in your closet that can transform an outfit completely is totally worth DIYing!

- pattern paper & a sharpie
- about 1/4 metre of ‘monster fur’
- about a 1/4 metre of satin lining fabric
- scissors
- sewing machine
- snaps

[ DRAW ] – Start with drawing a crescent shape on some pattern paper or whatever rough paper you have lying around. This determines the shape and length of your fur stole. I decided to make one that was like a wide, short collar so I drew a crescent around 30" long & 7" wide.

[ CUT ] – Cut out your pattern piece. Fold the paper in half while cutting and this will ensure that you have a symmetrical shape.

[ CUT FABRIC ] – Take the pattern piece and cut a piece from your monster fur & a piece from your satin lining. When cutting the monster fur, cut with the fur side down. Try to cut close to the base of the fur in small snips so that you don’t end up cutting off any length of fur around the edges.

[ TUCK ] – Place your two fabrics face to face. Usually faux fur will “grow” in one direction if the hairs are long, so carefully tuck back the hair before you…

[ PIN ] – Pin the two fabrics together all the way around.

[ SEW ] – Using a sewing machine, straight stitch around the entire perimeter leaving about a 1/4" seam allowance

[ LEAVE GAP ] – Be sure NOT to sew all the way around! Leave a few 4 inch gap at some point so that you can…

[ FLIP ] – Flip the entire stole through the opening you left so that it will then be right side out. Then you can stitch the gap closed by hand or with your machine.

[ ADD HARDWARE ] – This step is optional, but adding a snap button will help you to keep your stole on in windy weather! Just hand stitch both pieces on at the opposite ends of the stole.

Go and leave a comment, +1 it, or favourite it! We're so excited, eeee!


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Monday, October 24, 2011


Announcement time! Guess who the new DIY editors of the Chictopia blog are? THESE GUYS. (We're pointing at ourselves right now.)

Are any of you gals members of Chictopia? Have you ever checked their blog out? It's called Everybody is Ugly and is an awesome source for runway fashion, diy, trends, advice & even some controversial topics. We've been long time readers & have even been featured in the past for our scalloped leather & glitter shoes tutorials.

and guess what our first order of business is?
(seriously though, check out the contest page, we're judges!)

Who doesn't love a costume contest? Do you think you're dressing up as something prize-winning this year? Go to Chictopia and enter your photos for a chance to win a cash prize or gift certificates to American Apparel!

We're judging the contest alongside DIY heavyweights A Pair & a Spare, I Spy DIY, and our new co DIY editor on Chictopia Runway DIY.

The contest ends on November 4th, so you can get some good photos on Halloween night & have plenty of time to enter! So get creative & blow our minds please. You know what we like.

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248: tutorial - skull nails

Our apologies for the lack of posts this week! Sam and I have been fulfilling Halloween costume orders & we've actually walked to the post office every single day to get orders out in time for the big weekend. We're feeling Halloweeny & have already started decorating the house with even more creepy stuff than usual, so here's another Halloween themed manicure monday.

This is the look we're going for:
Skull Nails!

Start with a black, white & top coat.
I chose to use all matte finish polishes but you can use regular shine!

Base coat your nails in white & let them dry

Take your black polish & make rounded edges at the sides off each of your nails. This part is the hollow of the cheek.

Do the same with all your nails & you're ready to start drawing on a face!

Taking a bit of black, apply it to a toothpick & then very carefully draw 3 or 4 parallel lines for teeth. You could also do this with a striper brush!

Now with the same toothpick, just dip the tip & apply little nostrils to each nail.

A toothpick is a bit too thin for applying a larger dot so grab a thin paintbrush and use the wrong end of it & dip it into the black polish. The larger tip is perfect for a wider dot & makes it easier to just dab on the eyes!

Then you're all done the art part! Just top coat & clean up the mess on the sides with a q-tip and some nail polish remover :)

and there you go!

skull nails!

What are you guys dressing up as this weekend?!?


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Monday, October 17, 2011

247: tutorial - spiderweb nails

I know everyone's just getting into the Halloween mood now... you know how? Because we're getting all those last-minute Halloween costume orders coming in this week! yay!

This tutorial is really simple & cute and will look great with any creepy Halloween costume, or if you're like us, it's a great everyday look ;)

Here's what we're going for:

spiderweb nails!

you'll need: a black basecoat, white striper brush & a top coat.
We're doing a matte look today, so the top coat is a flat finish :)

Start with a base coat in a dark colour & let it dry

then grab your striper brush to start the nail art!

Spiderwebs are super easy to draw-- just start from a corner of your nail and draw lines jutting out, like you're cutting a pizza

then connect those straight lines with some "drooping" lines

a couple of rows of lines should do it!

and do the same to all your nails

and then top coat to seal it in

there you go!

What are you gonna do to your nails this Halloween? Are you dressing up?!


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246: giveaway winners!

drum roll please...

Winners will be contacted by email to work out delivery of prizes!
For full rules and disclaimers, please see the original post for the Lipgloss and Black Giveaway and the Unknown Boutique Giveaway.

Thank you guys so much for participating in our giveaways! The response was fantastic & on behalf of Shaunie from Unknown Boutique & us, we wanted to thank you all for your amazing comments! Super flattering :)

Make sure to shop for your Halloween costumes THIS WEEK at Lipgloss and Black to make sure they still arrive in time for your big party

&Don't forget that Shaunie would like to offer readers of Syl and Sam a discount of 15% off your next order at Unknown Boutique with the coupon code "ShhhDiscount"

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

245: better with age

We're working on our final rushes of halloween costumes this weekend & we've been slowly trying to get a start on getting our vintage & reworked vintage collection into our shop!

For a long time, we've been lovers of vintage shopping & reconstructions but we haven't had much in store for you guys, so we're trying to pump out a TON of it for you this fall.

We've already done all the pre-washing, cleaning and repairs on things & we're working on the photos now! We will be slowly listing them in the next week or so! Expect tons of leather & repurposed leather in accessories, sheers, chunky/flashy sweaters & other amazing finds :) Check out some of the looks!

Lemme know what you think!!

& LAST CHANCE! Don't forget to go & enter for our TWO giveaways going on right now. All you have to do is comment!
win a halloween pumpkin bowl from Unknown Boutique HERE!
win a skull tee & skeleton hand barrettes from Lipgloss and Black HERE!


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