Monday, October 17, 2011

247: tutorial - spiderweb nails

I know everyone's just getting into the Halloween mood now... you know how? Because we're getting all those last-minute Halloween costume orders coming in this week! yay!

This tutorial is really simple & cute and will look great with any creepy Halloween costume, or if you're like us, it's a great everyday look ;)

Here's what we're going for:

spiderweb nails!

you'll need: a black basecoat, white striper brush & a top coat.
We're doing a matte look today, so the top coat is a flat finish :)

Start with a base coat in a dark colour & let it dry

then grab your striper brush to start the nail art!

Spiderwebs are super easy to draw-- just start from a corner of your nail and draw lines jutting out, like you're cutting a pizza

then connect those straight lines with some "drooping" lines

a couple of rows of lines should do it!

and do the same to all your nails

and then top coat to seal it in

there you go!

What are you gonna do to your nails this Halloween? Are you dressing up?!


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  1. Ahhh, all your nail designs are so damn amazing. You make me want to repaint my nails all the time.

  2. i love this! can't wait to get some matte top coat and a striper brush to try it out. <3

  3. you guys come up with such great nail designs. I need to train myself to implement them just as well, haha :) 


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