Tuesday, October 4, 2011

240: tutorial - dry water marble nails

Remember the water marbled nails tutorial? What a pain in the butt, eh? I got some great tips from my last post but it's still a bit of a chore to
do the whole water technique...

Well, I decided to try out the dry method which is similar to last week's diy nail decals technique and I feel like it turned out a bit better than the water method...

I don't know why I keep trying this look though because I don't even like the results. hahaha, but see for yourself if you think it's worth it!

here's what we're going for!

start with a few colours and a ziploc bag

Start with drawing a glob.

Then start drawing rings around the glob...

Alternate colours, drawing a target on the ziploc baggie

Then take a toothpick and start pulling the wet nail polish into the center.

You can drag the polish inwards or outwards to form that "marbled look"

I decided to do a bunch of circles of designs just in case I ran out!
And then since it's probably a bit thick, let it dry for a few hours (I left it for 24!)

after it's completely dry, you should be able to peel the nail polish off of the plastic. If it's a bit stuck, you can stretch the plastic a bit or use some tweezers to work on lifting a corner. Try to keep it in a single piece.

Then you'll have these weird flaps of nail polish!

Taking some sharp scissors, cut some pieces that are generally the size of your nails. It's better to cut them a bit larger than your nails than smaller!

Continue cutting up your patterned nail sheets & you'll have your own DIY nail appliques, just like the ones you can buy! :)

To apply, just put on a single coat of nail polish...

and stick the nail applique onto your nail & press into place. You can use a toothpick to press it down around your cuticles.

Do the rest of your nails & let them dry for a minute or two.

Then just press the remainder of the nail applique off of your nail.

You'll be left with a bit of a bumpy nail job & some messy cuticles but you can clean up the edges with a q-tip & polish remover.

Then just top coat & you're done!

What do you think? Does dry marbling look easier than water marbling?! Is this even worth it? I'm not diggin the look that much but it's finally a way to get the water marbled look on your toes! hahaha


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  1. Oohhh I'lll definitely try this.  I tried the water marbled nails but failed miserably and gave up. This looks less complicated and messy

  2. Hi, silent reader emerging here. lol
    Anyway, thanks for this. I did try this tut, and it was easy. I made a different design than the marbled one because I tried to do the tut by memory and couldn't remember how the design look.  http://pics.livejournal.com/shardaunei/pic/000g2q4a.jpg
    Hopefully you can see the pic.
    Thanks again!

  3. To tell you the truth this is borderline awesome! I find the water marbling tedious, messy and hit or miss. The wet marbling is really easy but can be messy as well so I'm definitely drying this one!

  4. great idea for the toes!!! gotta try!

  5. So cute, here is my tutorial that is a bit different, but not much if you would like to see!!!!


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