Thursday, October 27, 2011

250: everybody is ugly

Our first post on Everybody is Ugly is UP! In it, we teach you guys how to make a faux fur stole. Check it out :)

Every year as the temperatures drop, we can be sure of certain fall/winter trends re-emerging. Rich colour palettes, heavy layers and luxurious fabrics all come back into play. After a long summer of skimpy clothing, Fall is the time to really show how versatile your wardrobe can be. Making sure that you own key pieces that are essential for fashion and function can really make dressing warm and chic an easy task!

Enter the fur stole— a fashion classic for the glamorous old hollywood crowd— it’s back and more versatile than ever. The reason I love fur stoles is because while they act functionally as a scarf, they’re actually disguised as a fur collar that you can add onto any jacket or cardigan to give it a whole new look. Any item in your closet that can transform an outfit completely is totally worth DIYing!

- pattern paper & a sharpie
- about 1/4 metre of ‘monster fur’
- about a 1/4 metre of satin lining fabric
- scissors
- sewing machine
- snaps

[ DRAW ] – Start with drawing a crescent shape on some pattern paper or whatever rough paper you have lying around. This determines the shape and length of your fur stole. I decided to make one that was like a wide, short collar so I drew a crescent around 30" long & 7" wide.

[ CUT ] – Cut out your pattern piece. Fold the paper in half while cutting and this will ensure that you have a symmetrical shape.

[ CUT FABRIC ] – Take the pattern piece and cut a piece from your monster fur & a piece from your satin lining. When cutting the monster fur, cut with the fur side down. Try to cut close to the base of the fur in small snips so that you don’t end up cutting off any length of fur around the edges.

[ TUCK ] – Place your two fabrics face to face. Usually faux fur will “grow” in one direction if the hairs are long, so carefully tuck back the hair before you…

[ PIN ] – Pin the two fabrics together all the way around.

[ SEW ] – Using a sewing machine, straight stitch around the entire perimeter leaving about a 1/4" seam allowance

[ LEAVE GAP ] – Be sure NOT to sew all the way around! Leave a few 4 inch gap at some point so that you can…

[ FLIP ] – Flip the entire stole through the opening you left so that it will then be right side out. Then you can stitch the gap closed by hand or with your machine.

[ ADD HARDWARE ] – This step is optional, but adding a snap button will help you to keep your stole on in windy weather! Just hand stitch both pieces on at the opposite ends of the stole.

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  1. amazing! heading over to chictopia right now!

  2. haha, awesome!
    you know what's funny? I was about to use a photo of you as an example of how to wear one... but then I think your "fur stole" actually turned out to be a fur collar on your gorgeous danier jacket ;)

  3. haha I was going to comment on the fur stole in these pictures, and then got super excited when I read that you had a tutorial on it! Definetly going to check it out. I love your hair here, too. 

  4. I like this post and for me it was interesting and cool as well. I love the hairstyle, it looks amazing. thank you for sharing.

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