Thursday, November 3, 2011

251: c'est l'halloween

Hello ladies,

Welcome to all our new readers! Our apologies for being MIA on the blog for a few days now! We've been crazy busy finishing up Halloween costumes for our wonderful customers & then working on our own last minute ones. We had a craaaaazy fun Halloween weekend filled with tons of creepy little details (like dry ice!) and fun with our close friends.

Here's just a quick picture post:

it was our 8th anniversary :)

Our past two days have been filled with cubing and grating 6 large pumpkins and trying to find different recipes to use them on. ahaha, crazy. So far the faves are the deep fried pumpkin pakoras and the spicy pumpkin corn chowder! :) We'll continue with regular posting soon! I'm working on a reader-requested manicure for Monday :)

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  1. Love this!!!

  2. looks like you had a lot of fun :) love all the extra work added to everything! So was it your place you had this party at?

  3. i love your your party details!! halloween is such an awesome holiday but so many people just don't understand my love for it, so glad you guys get as into it as i do!  

  4. Yay, the dry ice looks so good! Also this is the second blog post from someone my age-ish who grew up in my area-ish entitled "C'est L'Halloween" and I'll say it again - I'm glad I'm not the only one whose brain auto-plays that old French song from elementary school around this time of year! :D And looove the Gaga & Rick Genest costumes!

  5. oh my your decor, food, and costumes were so amazing!!!! the PUMPKINS!!!!

  6. LOL! I swear I only know that one part too. I should look it up and learn more of the lyrics!

    You know, your fog machine is what inspired us to grab one for our party. We somehow convinced ourselves that it would be useful in LIFE... I'm questioning whether or not it will come out before next Halloween though hahah.

  7. oh yes girl, we're halloween obsessed! hope you had a wicked weekend too!

    i'll never forget your amazing gnome costume from a couple years ago. ahahaha :)


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