Friday, November 11, 2011

255: diy ombre fringe necklace

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For the past while now, there have been a lot of fringed items around such as tops, dresses, purses and even necklaces.

Now we’re going to show you how you can easily DIY and customize your own necklace to go with your personal wardrobe. This necklace is so versatile; you can choose your colours, length, and style! This will cost you a couple of dollars and allow you to mix and match your necklace with your favourite tops and dresses. Make one or make a collection! With the money you save, it’ll be worth the effort!

- jewelry pliers
- fabric scissors
- 2 metal o-rings
- chain (14 inches or more)
- fringe: any colour (9 inches or more)
- fabric dye: any colour (should be darker than your fringe)
- clip hanger for pants (not pictured)

[ MEASURE & CUT FRINGE ] – Start with measuring the desired length of fringe, mine was about 9 inches. Carefully cut through the string that holds the fringe together but not the fringe itself.

[ PREP DYE ] – Follow the instructions for mixing the fabric dye. I used only half a package. Also, for the ombre look – prepare one separate bowl of water.

[ SOAK ] – Soak your fringe in water and make sure that it is completely saturated. Let the excess water drip back into the bowl before dipping it into the dye.

[ DIP DYE ] – Slowly dip your fringe into the dye. Make sure to do it slowly because the dye will sneak up your fringe faster than you may expect.

[ HANG DRY ] – Take a pants clothing hanger and clip up your fringe. Let the excess dye drip back into the bowl and hang it somewhere safe where it will not come in contact with anything that may get stained. If you hang it on a laundry drying rack, make sure you have a paper towel to catch the dripping dye.

[ TRIM FRINGE ] – Once the fringe is dry (it shouldn’t take too long.) If you purchased fringe such as the one that I used (it has two finished ends) trim whichever side you would like to be the bottom of the necklace. I chose the dipped end to be the top of the necklace. Also, at this point you can be creative and cut your own style of fringe! I went for the simple straight cut. As you can see this allowed the fringe to have a curved edge because of the way it sits as a necklace.

[ MEASURE & CUT CHAIN ] – Cut your chain to desired length. Mine is 14 inches. Make sure you don’t have any open ends and that all the links are properly closed.

[ LINK ] – I folded the edge of my fringe inwards by ½ an inch (towards the backside of the necklace.) Take your open metal O-ring and weave it through two layers of the finishing of the edge. I prefer to loop the O-ring through two layers to avoid a slipping fringe to cause the necklace to break. Make sure your O-rings are completely closed so that the chain and/or fringe does not slip out.

Note: If you are concerned about fraying, you can purchase a product called Fray Stop from your local craft store. You simply have to dab it onto the edges of the fringe and let it dry.

Take a look, try it yourself, share your masterpiece, leave a comment, vote for it, and favourite it!


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  1. Hi! we loved your tutorial and just wanted you to know we included you in our post! You guys are super fun!

    happy holidays xoxox


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