Monday, November 21, 2011

259: tutorial - half moon manicure

For as long as I can remember doing my nails, I've used the half moon manicure as my default "fancy" mani. It's a great classic look and I prefer it to a classic manicure because you don't necessarily need to have long or consistent lengths of nails to get this look.

I usually freehand this look but here's an easy & foolproof method that won't require a steady hand! Here's the look we're going for:

You'll need:

- two colours of nail polish
- top coat
- paper reinforcement stickers

Start with your base colour that you want on the half moon of your nails

grab your paper reinforcement stickers. These are a basic school supply that you can find at any office store. They only cost a couple dollars for a few hundred.

When your nails are completely dry, stick a sticker on each of your nails. position them carefully so that you have nice even sized 'moons'

Paint on your other colour!

Peel the stickers off & top coat

& there you go! An easy way to get a perfect half moon manicure :)

Some of you had some general nail polish questions for me, so I'm working on some tutorials on nail polish basics for you guys for next Monday!


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  1. Genius!

    Perhaps also a good way to get perfect circles inside the nails??

  2. Hahaha I used to use those reinforcement stickers to do my nails, too. Great colour combi, btw.

  3. oh wow! i've always wanted to diy a half-moon manicure but was too lazy/unskilled to try it freehand. very clever! can't wait to try this one.

  4. damn that is easy! thanks for sharing, super cool looking.

  5. i love those half moon manicures, and this color combination is just awesome!

  6. I tried it this past weekend! I had a few problems: some of my polish peeled off with the sticker, the adhesive from the sticker got left on my nails, and for some reason I tried to cut corners and halfway polish the 1st color on so I can feel the different levels of thickness in the polish.
    I'll def try it again and take my time letting it dry. I have a 2 year-old so I get my manicures in when I can lol. I still love all your fab ideas, so I can't wait to try it again this weekend.


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