Monday, November 14, 2011

257: tutorial - nail art roses

I love when our readers & customers write emails to us! It's awesome to get feedback directly & sometimes we get suggestions and tips. A couple weeks ago, Carly wrote to us & she told me to try out a simple method of drawing roses on your nails & so I thought I would try it out & show you the results. Thanks for the tip, Carly! This is awesome :)

Here's the look we're going for:

You need:

-a base colour
-two colours for the roses; white and either red or pink
-a colour for leaves
-a toothpick

Start with a couple coats of your base colour

Open your two colours for your roses.
Drop a small blob of each colour right next to each other (it doesn't have to be perfect)

Then taking your toothpick, just swirl the two colours into each other! You don't have to be neat about it, just create some swirling patterns. Don't swirl too many times though, or you'll just end up with the colours mixing together.

Then take a small amount of green on your toothpick and draw on some leaves.

Then draw a bunch more roses on your nails & top coat!

Cute yes? Thank you again Carly!
Try it out!


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  1. omg that's so beautiful and looks so easy! I'm totally gonna try it. you have THE BEST NAIL TUTORIALS!


  2. Great tutorial! I've been wanting to try it for a while but it looked harder then what you showed. I'll have to try it out now:) THX!

  3. oh i love those! i might do it if my son ever takes a nap today. my mustaches have chipped off anyways...

  4. oh my gosh! thanks so much for this tutorial. i've always wanted to try roses but shied away from it because it just looked too hard. 

    on my to-do list! ;D


  5. you guys and your nails! too incredible! i'm in awe!


    Made me think of you guys :)

  7. Love these!!! I was wondering about the drying time with doing so many layers. How long do you usually wait between coats as to not smear the lovely nail polish you applied (maybe not for this tutorial, but just in general)? And before you apply the top coat?? Mine usually smears when my top coat goes on :(

  8. WOW! i love this!! im totally bookmarking this <3 great job!

  9. I was worried about difficulty too! & not having the right tools!
    Luckily I was proved wrong-- these nails got a ton of compliments :)

  10. AW! Thanks for thinking of us!! Those are so awesome :)

    Imagine doing those fast food ones though?! major patience. haha

  11. Hey princess!

    Usually, with the base colour, I put on one thin coat at a time, making sure each coat is almost completely dry before adding the next. Then if the nail art itself is thick, I try to let that dry for a bit before adding topcoat immediately. Thankfully, I'm usually working on a blogpost while waiting for my nails to dry, so it doesn't seem like such a long time to wait.

    I've found that fast-dry topcoat actually helps a LOT too. Typically, a topcoat just makes all layers of your nailpolish tacky again & then makes them prone to smudging, but fast-dry just seals in your polish really quick. After a couple of days, you can top up with another coat of fast-dry topcoat to make your mani last longer.

    I'll try to do an easy tutorial on basics for applying nail polish one of these coming mondays :) Thanks for asking!


  12. Aw you posted it! What a nice surprise! You ladies are awesome and your nails turned out way better than mine! I love this blog forever and I love ya'll for being so wonderful to your readers!
    Lots of love from sunny Florida!


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