Monday, November 7, 2011

252: tutorial - newspaper nails

So this particular nail-do was requested by one of our readers! It's a simple process that's easy for beginners in nail art and the results are pretty cute.

Here's the look we're going for:

All you need is:

- A light colour of nail polish
- a piece of newspaper (you can use the comic section if you want!)
- some rubbing alcohol
- a small container (I used a shot glass)

Start with a base coat of your light colour. I used white, but any light colour will work! Let it dry completely.

Take your newspaper clipping and cut it into 10 bigger-than-your-nail sized pieces.

Take your rubbing alcohol and pour a bit into your small container.

Now dip your finger into the alcohol for a second. No need to let it soak in there or anything, you just need to have a wet coat of alcohol on your fingernail.

Then grab one of your newspaper scraps and press it down on your nail. The alcohol will act to transfer the print onto your nail.
NOTE: You can also choose to dip the newspaper into the alcohol instead of dipping your finger. This makes the newspaper a bit more floppy & accommodating to your nail shape and I found that sometimes it transferred the print better.

Then top coat your nails to seal in the print!

& you're all done! Instant nail art without needing a steady hand :)

It does take a bit of practice to get a perfect transfer, but it's easy to just rub off the transfer and re-do it! Try it out!


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  1. yay this tutorial is super easy! totally trying!

  2. Hi Syl & Sam! I love your blog girls :) 

    I've made a galaxy manicure tutorial and I was wondering if you guys would be interested in featuring it or doing your own take on it! You can find the link here on my blog: Thanks girls!

  3. I keep seeing this, but now that you've posted it. I am finally going to have to try it.

  4. This is so neat! Never thought of doing it like this! :)

  5. hi waywrd!

    we actually have already done a rainbow galaxy!  I'll mention your tut in our next manicure monday though! Thanks so much for sharing :)


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