Tuesday, November 29, 2011

263: cake balls

So it was my bff's engagement party this past weekend. She told us a bit last minute that we could bring baked goods for the desert table because it's a greek tradition... so I whipped up my first ever batch of cake balls (just like cake pops, minus the sticks) & it was actually really easy! The recipe is insanely simple, it's mainly the chocolate coating and decorating that take a bit more dexterity and patience! Check out the process:

Start with baking some cakes. I made a pack of Duncan Hines Devil's Food cake, which is pretty much foolproof! Bake 'em & let them cool too!

Throw all of the cake into a big bowl & mix them until they're crumbly

Grab a matching frosting!

Spoon in about half the tub of frosting and keep mixing

The cake & frosting mix should be a bit pasty & moldable now!

Scoop up some teaspoon-fulls into the palm of your hand and form some balls.

Do that about 85 times. ahahha
& refrigerate for a couple of hours so that they're dippable

Now grab a handful of molding chips & put them into a bowl. You can microwave them for about 20 seconds at a time, taking them out and stirring to make sure the heat is evenly distributed.

Once you have the chocolate melted, just dip your cake balls into it & drip off the excess and place them onto some wax paper to set. I don't have any photos of that process because it was sorta time-consuming and labour intensive & I just forgot :(

Then you can take any extra chocolate & melt it in a ziploc bag, cut off the tip & decorate!

They're so delicious & really rich too! Make sure to make each ball pretty small so that you don't OD on sugar after eating just one. They were a hit with my girlfriends too! Congrats to the happy couple on their engagement! Love you J&J!


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  1. Wow, they look amazing. I can't believe it's the first time you do that!

  2. amazing tutorial, gals! im definitely using this one over the holidays!

  3. Adorable!

    Starbucks has some new cake pops that are coated in crushed peppermint candy and coarse sugar. I'm not a fan of peppermint with chocolate, however, the candy coating was amazing. So, I think I'm going to make my own white/yellow cake pops (or balls) with peppermint and sugar coating. Should be super festive for Christmas.

    P.S. I've coated things in melted chocolate, so, I know how much work that was, and can certainly see why you didn't get any photos! You have to work quickly too.

  4. Um, those look INCREDIBLE!! I love how festively decorated they are, too. I'm DROOLING all over my keyboard just looking at these pics. 

  5. thank you! yeah, the dipping and piping was the most labour intensive part (took upwards of 4 hours? hahaha) but the actual recipe is dead easy.

    that peppermint & sugar coating sounds SO good! I bet if you made some white cake mix and dropped in a couple drops of mint extract, it would be sooo yum!

  6. hahaha, i was going for engagement-y and christmas-y :)
    come visit & i'll make you 85. promise.

  7. hahaha! i'm so easily bribed by food... i might just show up at your door with a bib, ready to start gorging on cake balls. :P

  8. I agree it is super easy to make I love cake balls soo good but bad for you :P they look so good syl hehe

  9. They're almost too pretty to eat!

  10. they look amazing and delicious!
    great job :)

  11. I did this! I used the whole tub of frosting though. A total mess to roll but SO worth it, they tasted really good. Also, instead of those candy melts, I used melting chocolate in a bar and then put different colors of sprinkles on top while they were drying. Great idea; they turned out wonderfully!


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