Monday, December 5, 2011

274: tutorial - peppermint candy nails

It's the holiday season and I absolutely love the candy canes and peppermint candies involved. Who doesn't? So with the holiday season upon us we thought that peppermint nails would be a more than suitable tutorial.

You'll need:

-Base Coat
-Orly Instant Artist polish (or another thin brush nail polish)
-Red Nail Polish
-Quick Dry Top Coat

Apply base coat, let dry and then paint nails red

Let red coat dry, start painting diagonal lines

Continue painting lines in various thicknesses 

Allow nails to dry and apply Quick Dry Top Coat

Voila! Perfect nails for any holiday get together. It's so simple but we're sure you'll love the results!!

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  1. nice blog!!!!! these original colorful nails are awesome! ^^

    xx, Rachel <3

  2. thanks for commenting on my site. I love your site!! so it was my pleasure featuring you on my blog. and see...more awesome nails!


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