Thursday, December 22, 2011

diy nail stamping

Check out our latest tutorial on Everybody is Ugly or below:

- base coat & top coat nail polish
- any base colour of nail polish
- konad special nail polish in white
- konad nail plate (we used m59)
- konad nail stamping kit (includes a scraper and stamper)
- nail polish remover
- cotton pads and cotton swabs

[ BASE COAT ] – Start with a clear base coat to protect your nails from turning yellow! Then paint on a few coats of whatever colour you want. We used turquoise & caicos by essie. Grab a magazine or your favourite blog & wait… make sure to let this dry completely before proceeding.

[ PICK DESIGN ] – You can purchase dozens of different designs of nail plates from konad. There are endless designs to pick from, but we decided to use plate m59 for the cute little snowflakes.

[ APPLY ] – Take your Konad Special Nail polish and apply it over the entire design you picked. Konad brand nail polish works best on these plates, but some other nail polishes can be used to stamp with— it depends on the consistency of the nail polish, so it’s a bit of trial and error if you want to try other polishes.

[ SCRAPE ] – Now take your scraper and scrape off any excess nail polish in a swift, firm swipe. It’s best to have a scrap piece of paper under your plate because the excess polish will end up off the plate.

[ TRANSFER ] – Now take the stamper and immediately transfer the design from the plate to the stamper by pressing it firmly on the plate. You have to be really fast between scraping & stamping or the thin coat of polish will dry onto the plate instead of transferring to the stamper!

[ STAMP ] – Take your stamper and carefully press the design onto your nail!

[ REPEAT ] – Between each stamp, clean your stamp, scraper and plate with some nail polish remover on a cotton pad & then repeat the stamping process on each of your nails.

[ REMOVE ] – If you stamped some of the designs at the corners of your nails, you’ll inevitably have some messiness around your nails, just use a cotton swab and nail polish remover to clean them up.

[ TOP COAT ] – Use a quick dry top coat & paint it on in quick swipes. Try not to go over the same spots twice and try not to paint too slowly because the stamps can still easily smear at this point.

[ GET CREATIVE! ] – Use your stamps with different colours & in different formations. You’ll be addicted! :)

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