Monday, October 24, 2011

248: tutorial - skull nails

Our apologies for the lack of posts this week! Sam and I have been fulfilling Halloween costume orders & we've actually walked to the post office every single day to get orders out in time for the big weekend. We're feeling Halloweeny & have already started decorating the house with even more creepy stuff than usual, so here's another Halloween themed manicure monday.

This is the look we're going for:
Skull Nails!

Start with a black, white & top coat.
I chose to use all matte finish polishes but you can use regular shine!

Base coat your nails in white & let them dry

Take your black polish & make rounded edges at the sides off each of your nails. This part is the hollow of the cheek.

Do the same with all your nails & you're ready to start drawing on a face!

Taking a bit of black, apply it to a toothpick & then very carefully draw 3 or 4 parallel lines for teeth. You could also do this with a striper brush!

Now with the same toothpick, just dip the tip & apply little nostrils to each nail.

A toothpick is a bit too thin for applying a larger dot so grab a thin paintbrush and use the wrong end of it & dip it into the black polish. The larger tip is perfect for a wider dot & makes it easier to just dab on the eyes!

Then you're all done the art part! Just top coat & clean up the mess on the sides with a q-tip and some nail polish remover :)

and there you go!

skull nails!

What are you guys dressing up as this weekend?!?


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  1. I love skull anything and if this means I can wear 10 extra skulls a day, why not? BRILLIANT!

  2. i love all your nail art tutorials!! 

  3. I just painted my nails just like this! It was so easy! (well, half of them have some extra character, but that makes it fun)

  4. I love this tutorial , I usually don't prefer skulls, but in a cute way like this I love them! This is going to give some extra into my ordinary monday tomorrow! :)

  5. Ohh, this tutorial is aweomse! Thank you so much for sharing this♥!


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