Tuesday, October 11, 2011

244: clearly

I've been a wearer of bold, thick plastic glasses for at least 6 or 7 years now & it seems that every new pair of glasses has to be larger or thicker or bolder than the last... so I had a phase of wearing clear frames only, but now I'm back to big ones.

Remember the last time I tried to buy smaller glasses frames? I tried out my glasses for a day & said... "That's not me."

Well, my current everyday glasses are these:

Derek Cardigan 7004 Shadow

My cousin Shellie gave me a code for a free pair for my Birthday this year so I decided to get a pair that was a bit more subtle. I was starting to fell like the above frames were just so BAM on my face... so I went for a smaller, rounder frame in a lighter colour too:

Derek Cardigan 7012 Birch

I hated my choice :( I was going to try them for longer than the last pair & I was even considering asking people to vote on whether I should keep them... but I decided to go with a return. It's over between us & I'm probably gonna go back to clear glasses. ah!

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  1. My glasses are a thick frame, but only about as wide as my eye. And they're clear, which I love and somehow make my small eyes look bigger :P

    Are just straight up coloured wayfarers to hipster for you? The frames look really cute on you!

  2. I think I'm just so used to seeing you with bold frames that these lighter coloured ones are not that... Sylvia-looking? 

  3. that's funny that small frames make your eyes look bigger! i'm still yet to figure out all the shapes to accentuate my face-- all i know is that round frames make my face look rounder!

    i actually have a pair of vintage rayban wayfarers & i'm getting my second pair soon!
    & i'm hoping getting a clear pair will be a nice contrast when i'm not in the mood for dark frames :)

  4. Quick question! the 7004,, I'm SO close to purchasing them, but I'm stuck between Birch and Shadow...thoughts?

  5. go birch! imo, shadow  is so dark that it's almost black... they lack a certain je ne sais quoi. I didn't love the 7012 for the shape but the colour was super cute! they give a warmer look than the shadow ;)

  6. Ohhh I went shadow before receiving your reply! Now I'm just waiting for them to get delivered...but no worries, this just gives me an excuse to wait for the next good deal to snag a diff. pair in birch :D thanks for your input, totally appreciate it!

  7. but it looks cute on you!

    why do you return it :(


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