Monday, October 24, 2011


Announcement time! Guess who the new DIY editors of the Chictopia blog are? THESE GUYS. (We're pointing at ourselves right now.)

Are any of you gals members of Chictopia? Have you ever checked their blog out? It's called Everybody is Ugly and is an awesome source for runway fashion, diy, trends, advice & even some controversial topics. We've been long time readers & have even been featured in the past for our scalloped leather & glitter shoes tutorials.

and guess what our first order of business is?
(seriously though, check out the contest page, we're judges!)

Who doesn't love a costume contest? Do you think you're dressing up as something prize-winning this year? Go to Chictopia and enter your photos for a chance to win a cash prize or gift certificates to American Apparel!

We're judging the contest alongside DIY heavyweights A Pair & a Spare, I Spy DIY, and our new co DIY editor on Chictopia Runway DIY.

The contest ends on November 4th, so you can get some good photos on Halloween night & have plenty of time to enter! So get creative & blow our minds please. You know what we like.

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  1. CONGRATS, LADIES!!! This is HUUUUGE! I'm so excited for you guys and cannot wait to see all the entries for the contest. :D

  2. Super Cool!! You gals rock!! hehe

  3. The job couldn't have gone to two more perfect gals. Congrats! 


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