Monday, October 10, 2011

242: tutorial - apple nails

It's thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada & that always puts me in the mood for delicious root vegetables, turkey, squash & apple pie! I decided to do a bit of a themed manicure this week & went with apples! Here's the look we're going for:

Start with a base colour, apple colour, stem colour, leaf colour, white & a topcoat!

base coat your nails with whatever. I used a sheer manicure colour so that the focus would be on the nail art!

now using your apple-y red, draw a top-of-heart shape at the tip of your nail

It's pretty easy to draw it on in just two rounded swipes! Do the same on all your nails.

Then take your brown colour & use a toothpick to pick it up & draw a stem on each apple.

Now use the other end of the toothpick & dip into your leafy green. Drop a dab on your nail and drag with the tip of the toothpick to make a leaf shape.

Alternate which side the leaf is on... cause you're fancy.

and then use your striper brush & white polish to make a bit of a shiny spot on each apple. *ting*

& that's pretty much it! top coat them & you're done!

& then eat your apple after! This tutorial made me so hungry for one :)

Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. you do amazing things, i love seeing your tutorials! I've just recently got into nail art, but I've been a long time fan of l&b :) 

  2. you seriously have the BEST nail art tutorials!

    so inspired. i wish i had mad ambidextrous skillsso i could do this properly.


  3. So freaking cute! I look forward to your nail tutorials & you've inspired one of my friends to start buying nail polish!


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