Friday, October 19, 2012

Wedding Weekends

Okay guys, as promised, here is a bi-weekly digest of what's been going on with my guest-blogging at Precious Invitations! I've still been pumping out some quality material... dunno how long I can go for though, haha. Go ahead & click on any of the photos below to get to the articles.

I made sure each of the pics was nice & PIN-able, so share them on Pinterest if you'd like! :)

How to Propose to your Bridesmaids - Don't throw away the opportunity to send some real snail mail! Ditch the texting and make something for your special girls. I compiled 3 cute tutorials I found online!

How to Make Cake Balls - The recipe is seriously easy! It's the decorating that gets a bit challenging but it's worth it for how much your guests will LOVE these.

DIY Shoe Clip Tutorial - I show you how easy it is to make shoe clips! Bridal shoes are usually whack, so just jazz up an old pair. If you do this for your bridesmaids instead of making them buy new shoes, they'll thank you forever!

How to Make Ombre Paper Pom Poms - yeaaaaaah, the steps are basically in this picture. Go click if you want to also read my annoying words. ;)

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