Wednesday, July 21, 2010

walk, walk, fashion baby.

This morning, Samantha & I ventured out of our little studio to go out & do something. We were invited to bring our designs to a studio photoshoot downtown, so we jumped at the opportunity. It was a small shoot, with just one model, one photog, one mua & the two of us with about 4 of our outfits.

We headed to Owl Studios in Liberty Village & spent about 3 or 4 hours at the shoot. We were basically playing the stylists but with little experience in the studio, we didn't really know what type of makeup or hair to ask for... we just let the MUA, Tannia, do whatever she thought would suit our designs. It worked out well too because she made the model look phenomenal!

For now, we just have a couple of shots that we took while we were there. We're SUPER excited to see the legit shots from the photog though & will share them as soon as they come in ;)

walking into the studio building. doesn't it seem like this is open to the outside? i had to look up and double check that the skylights had glass in them!

owl studio! pretty cool loft setup.

Amber & Tannia

amber posing :)

in the kitchen... dripping watermelon juice on my legs. it was so hot, pleather shorts were a bad choice.

sam. takin care of business, everyday.

next post-- our trip to the monster's ball.

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