Sunday, September 25, 2011

235: september sponsor highlight!

You all know that Syl and Sam are independent shop owners of Lipgloss and Black right? Well, we believe in supporting independent artists, designers and bloggers too! Have you noticed our lovely sponsors hanging out on the right sidebar this month? If you haven't given them a click or two yet, I encourage you to check each of them out... or keep reading to learn some more about all of the lovely ladies that have joined us. We have some exclusive coupon codes for our readers, so check it out!


Cherry Red Boutique

Cherry Red Boutique is a small one girl run, DIY shop which opened its virtual doors in May 2005. The original idea for the store was conceived after failure to find a decently priced cute tote bag. Since 2005, the store has expanded greatly – we now carry all kinds of adorable, yet edgy accessories!

Cherry Red Boutique is owned by me, Liz DeTino, a 20-something year old Queens resident. By day, I am an IT consultant for a small consulting firm in midtown Manhattan, but by night, I'm a crazy seamstress! When I'm not sewing or crafting, I enjoy photography, upbeat music, cooking, baking, programming, and other nerdy activities.


Liz would like to offer readers of Syl and Sam a discount of 10% off your next order at Cherry Red Boutique with the coupon code "sylandsam"


Hi my name is Candice Ware and I am the owner of CandiWare. It is an independent online shoppe established in 2008. I am a graduate of Seneca College from the Advanced Animation Program. As a child I loved small toys such as Polly Pocket, so miniature food jewelry just happened to fit my style perfectly! I started making mini food jewelry for myself. It wasn't long before people started asking me where I got my jewelery and that was when I decided to share my creations with the world. Thank you everyone and have a wonderful day.



Unknown Boutique

I'm just a girl obsessed with anything French, feminine, bad ass and design related.

I grew up in Denver and spent a lot of my childhood picking through junk drawers, finding the little treasures no one wanted or remembered they had. Whenever we had breaks from school, my mom would take my brothers and I to garage sells, community pools and the world famous GOODWILL. It was effing Christmas when we went there and she always smiled before saying, "Pick whatever you want.". To me it felt like a
shopping spree and I laugh now knowing she gave us the world....on a budget. Smart lady.

Now that I'm older, I'm in loooove with thrift stores. I've been scouting, buying and redoing furniture for years but now I want my own little piece of the pie. I want my own store front. The online shop has been a great intro to the world of small businesses and I can't wait to take the final leap Summer 2012.

The furniture pieces I've collected, the DIYs I've learned and all the inspiration along the way should make for an interesting journey, one I hope you'll share with me. I'll smile and cry along the way but I WILL succeed.

Thank you for your support,


Shaunie would like to offer readers of Syl and Sam a discount of 15% off your next order at Unknown Boutique with the coupon code "ShhhDiscount"

The Demure Muse

HI EVERYONE!! I'm Katrina! You may have seen me lurking around here on Syl & Sam's blog a few times now. (Oh, how I miss these girls and living in Toronto already...) I recently relocated to the Pacific North West and have been trying to figure out how to convert myself into a west coast city girl. A lot of my blog documents the things I do in my spare time: craft, experiment in the kitchen, and play dress-up with the contents of my closet.

Feel free to stop by and say hi! I promise I don't bite. ;)



Welcome our sponsors by checking out their shops & blogs & remember the following exclusive discount codes!

10% off your next order at Cherry Red Boutique with the code sylandsam
15% off your next order at Unknown Boutique with the code ShhhDiscount

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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