Thursday, May 30, 2013

vidal sassoon x chictopia : sam's style

Hey everyone.

Like Syl has been hectic for us and we've fallen behind on our blogging habits!

Chictopia shipped us a package of Vidal Sassoon Pro Series products and I was so excited I could have hugged the mail lady! I've tried a few of the products and I can truly say that I was very impressed.

I've had super long hair for the majority of my life with the exception of my high school days of super short hair! Nowadays I sport a side shave and have lacked a side of hair for the past FIVE years! My issue is that my hair suffers a lot of trauma from being tied up in ponytails and buns and caught in my hair ties. My favourite way to wear my hair is down but sometimes it just looks damaged from all the frizz unless I straighten it with a flat iron.

What I Wore:
Derek Cardigan 7005 Black Glasses, Motel Rocks Navy Blue Motorcycle Jacket, H&M Sheer Tank, Black Milk Clothing Bone Machine 2.0 Catsuit, Lulus Gold Studded Belt, Jeffrey Campbell Black Tick NS Booties.

My favourite product was Extreme Smooth Combing Crème. I tested out the combing creme after my shower and it felt amazing in my hair. I have the tendency to neglect my hair and let it get all tangled but when i combed this creme through my hair and let it air-dry - it was SO smooth and straight as if I used a flat iron!

While we got a handful of products sent to us, you can enter the Vidal Sassoon Facebook contest now to get in on the fun too. They're giving away $1000, free products and other great prizes. I'm already entered!

Your selfie could be worth $1000:
Join us & enter the CONTEST ON FACEBOOK HERE.

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  1. Love the leggings, they are awesome! I may have to try the extreme smooth combing creme as I have lots of problems with tangled and frizzy hair.

  2. super sick leggings! you have really cool styles and love that undercut! (i used to have that too ;p)

    Check out my new outfit post featuring new label Suck Is Free! :)

  3. Your hair is awesome. Outfit is equally awesome :)


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