Monday, February 10, 2014

Peter Pilotto for Target

Some of you may have spent yesterday morning in search for the Peter Pilotto line at Target. Well, that was our morning. I was out of town and visited a remote location around noon and was able to find tonsss of stock. I ended up visiting 4 Targets throughout the day to get some more preferable sizing. We ended up with 21 pieces! I would say that it was an incredibly successful day. We had nabbed a couple of things from the Philip Lim collection back in September but nothing to this extent.

Some of the pieces we grabbed:
Red Iris Print Jacquard Dress, Purple Floral Print Dress, Green Floral Print Belted Dress, Red Iris Print Romper, Black/White Print Bikini Crop Top, Black/White Print Skirt, Black/White Print Bikini Top, Black/White Print Bikini Bottom, Black/White Print Rash Guard, Red Floral Red Print/Lace Blouse, Red Floral Check/Print Skirt, Black/White Print Beach Tote

We also grabbed (not pictured) the Black/White Print Slip-On Shoe, Light Blue Floral/Check Print Pencil Skirt, Green Netting Print Beach Towel, Black/White Print Sunglasses

I'm so excited to wear all our new pieces! Were you able to grab any pieces at your local target?


  1. I love these prints! My favourite is definitely the black and white crop top and skirt :)

    Biancarosa // xoxo

  2. I hand made a dress a for my music video much like that purple, green, and black dress.


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