Friday, August 6, 2010

Monster Ball!

I know that this was ages ago....but on July 12th Syl and I were finally able to go see Lady Gaga in concert after missing countless shows. She played at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto and there was no way we were missing this Monster Ball. We made sure to get a hold of our tickets in March and I've been so excited since the second our ticket order was confirmed.
But of course...we decided to wait until the morning of to create our outfits. I'm not so sure about Syl but I know that I spent the night before staring at the wall thinking about what I wanted to make. It was not until the morning of the show that we decided to start patternmaking, cutting, and of course sewing. There were some slight disasters in the process of rushing my outfit but in the end...thanks to my black bias tape - everything turned out fine in the end.

Syl in her traveling pants with two Gaga fans at the bus station. It was a pleasant meeting them.

For some reason, Syl and I definitely expected more people to be dressed up to attend this event. But apparently it's not THAT common of a thing to do. When we walked over from Union Station to the ACC grounds we were getting stopped on the streets to get our photos taken. One lady asked us to pose for her camera and immediately after snapping a photo of us...she said "OH! My daughter is going to LOVE this!" We automatically wondered why she was in line to get into the venue without her daughter? Haha...anyways although there wasn't much quantity...there was definitely quality!

Syl and I with two ladies in their amazing costumes.

Syl in her Love Game inspired outfit. You may not be able to see it...but she's wearing her "I'm a free bitch" tote

My friend, Melanie, and I before the show.

The first sight of Gaga: singing Dance in the Dark


Blue vomit

So Happy I Could Die

Put Your Paws Up

Rockin' her McQueens

Creepy =)
The five of us after the show

The back of our outfits!

Needless to say...the show was amazing!
We were definitely  expecting it to be a really good concert from what we've heard about her  past shows but this show left us speechless! The sets, costumes (obvi),  her amazing voice, her stamina, her little talks between was just too great. We danced all night and loved every second of it.

Lastly, I'll leave a video I took at the show. It's crappy sound and image but it reminds my of how good it was =)


  1. Your outfits look amazing! I wish I'd gotten a chance to see Lady Gaga when she visited Australia.

  2. haha dang your outfits look awesome :)

    I keep forgetting to mail your package out but I shall soon!

  3. haha dang your outfits look awesome :)

    I keep forgetting to mail your package out but I shall soon!


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