Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lipgloss and Black at The Clothing Show!

This past weekend was the Toronto Clothing Show! We typically only do a couple of small free shows during the year but we wanted to work our way up to a bigger trade show. Sam & I have volunteered for The Clothing Show for a few years now, we've worked at the front reception desk and done dressing backstage at the fashion shows. So we had a really good feel for the show, what it was about and what kind of people it attracted. Last Spring was our first time introducing our designs to the show & we showcased a collection of 10 outfits in the fashion show (you can watch the video of the show here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xz_nLCHwI0) and we had our designs carried at the Periwinkle Boutique booth. Our clothes were really well received, so we decided to finally go for it & do our own booth this Fall!

Luckily, our friend Pauline at Flora & Fauna was looking for someone to share a 10x10' booth with, so we decided to apply together ♥. It was SOOOO awesome sharing with Pauline cause her company is way more established than ours and we learned SO much from her :) Plus she's hilarious and sooo sweet, we had an amazing time.

Below are a million pics of our booth... we mainly took photos whenever there were no customers around or when we were getting bored, so obviously, it looks like our booth was really dead. but I promise we actually did have customers! hahaha in hindsight, i should have taken pics showing how busy it was & also maybe pics of our neighbours booths! oops. too busy to have thought about it!

we had a corner booth, so the space was super open-concept :)
here's our side of the booth

& here's the flora & fauna side! with lovely pauline inside our change room!

our table of accessories sat at the outer corner of our booth

the frame!

our judy was wearing this skull tee all weekend & people took lots of pics of it. We also heard people saying they would justt make one themselves & also a lot of people were trying so hard to STEALTH pics of it with their cellphones. Honestly, we like when people take pics of our things-- no need to be sneaky! haha

and Pauline's Eco-Pup line sat to the other side of the table :)

BFFs ♥

a visit from my friends Dorothy & Anna!
We were visited by tons of others but unfortunately were too dumb to really remember to take pics. But I just wanted to say thank you to every single person who came by just to say hi! Whether you were an old friend or a new one, it was totally awesome getting to just talk to people all weeekend long!

& Sam & I at the end of day 1!

there's an amazing view of the city from the better living centre :)

DAY 2::

our lovely flyers that our photographer friend LASALLY designed & printed for us! We definitely gave out about 600-700 out of 1000 of them!

one of the models from the runway wandered around the show wearing Flora and Fauna's lovely Moth Dress :)

on a trip to the car to pick up more flyers to fold, sam found a giant foam hand (the BMO soccer stadium is right next to the better living center and it was very windy) so it was our mascot for a brief period of time. yep. go TFC

sometimes when you do such long shows, you start to get crazy from being in the same spot forever...

this mannequin was staring at us all weekend with her piercing eyes. hahaha
so we were creeping pictures of it... i mean, her.

also, Sam bought this COOooOOoOooOL necklace from another booth. It's this thick metal "cord" that you can bend into whatever shape you want. it's made of these cup shaped silver beads & is pretty damn cool.


phew, the end of day two!

DAY 3::

here's a wider view of our booth...

looking towards the lipgloss and black side

and looking towards the flora & fauna side!
pretty cute how you could kinda walk through behind the table right? it got crowded pretty often but i think it was a pretty cute setup... sometimes the crowds inside just brought more crowding cause of the 'hype', which is pretty good..

we got up the nerve to ask for a picture with our friend... the mannequin!
hahhaha we were trying to take a picture making her face, but clearly i didn't know what face she was making & Pauline couldn't even keep a straight face. lol

my boyfriend visited to help us clean up!

Sam & I at the end of the third dayyyy!
After cleanup: sushi dinner as a reward & sleeping until noon the next day :)

We're still recovering (trying to clean up the aftermath) but we had an awesome time and can't wait for the spring show in May!

much love,

ps, don't forget to enter to win $50 from L&B! All it takes is a comment :) Spread the word!


  1. You guys are soooo sick~!!! Looks like a really spiffy booth~
    I'm so sorry I missed seeing you guys T_T

    I'm IN LOVE with that skull tee!

  2. bahaha, thanks carly! & thanks for tumbling that one skull tee pic! it's going insanely viral & is already making sales, all thanks to you! <3

    Jell, we missed you this year! hope you have time to come to the show again in the spring?! xoxo

  3. i am so sad that i couldn't stop by your booth this weekend! looks like you guys had a great time!

    also, that necklace Sam bought is hilarious. lovin' the glasses you made. :P

  4. katrina, no worries! i think we'll make awesome booth buddies if we find a decent show to exhibit at :)

    bahahaha, we actually had a customer trying something on & she was wearing that necklace & showing us how you could twist it in anyway... that's how we ended up going and actually buying one. it's ridiculous isn't it? i think the initial novelty wears off after you realize that as an actual necklace it's actually really strange looking. lol
    i just keep picturing it bent into like a harmonica holder. ahahhah

  5. You guys are soooo sick~!!! Looks like a really spiffy booth~
    I'm so sorry I missed seeing you guys T_T

    I'm IN LOVE with that skull tee!


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