Monday, October 4, 2010

lookbook photoshoot - behind the scenes

As Sam & I have been trying to expand our business, we've been finding ourselves doing more photoshoots and shows. One thing we were always missing was a lookbook of our designs-- It's always been tough though because we find that, unlike other fashion designers, we've never worked with "seasons" very well. First of all, we try to design pieces that we would wear year round (under layers etc... & the global aspect of selling online has allowed us to make skimpy clothes all year round...) and so many of our pieces are one-of-a-kind or made in small runs. but this has always made it awkward for us to try and take a lookbook that tells our customers what is available... so we finally decided to shoot a lookbook this season that just embodies our overall look and attitude towards fashion.

Our shoot turned out to be rebellious (possible trespassing), dangerous (at the side of a highway), and full of fun & laughs with amazing girls that were gorgeous and soooo up for the adventure! I hope I speak for the whole crew in saying that it was soooo much fun-- it got super cold as the day went on, so I'm sooo thankful that all us Canadian girls were toughing out the cold without complaint ;) ♥

The hugest thank you goes out to Katie for being such a wonderful host to all us models, photographers and designers with our LOADS of gear, clothes, accessories, shoes & tons of coffee and messy timbits, hahaha. Please check her out at Pretty by Kate, or become a fan at her Facebook Fan Page. She's so patient and sooo sweet and did a gorgeous job on the girls' makeup & hair. Loved it!

So far, we have some behind the scenes shots on location and can't wait to get the real shots to share with you! I already know they'll be gorgeous-- you have to check out Carrie Jade's Portfolio! :)
(I know Carrie took some behind the scenes photos at Katie's place while we were all getting ready, so I hope to see those soon too!)

shooting next to a tipped over & abandoned rail car! aka the "TRAILMOBILE"
watching too much dexter had me worrying that going into it would be bad.

lol, we needed music on location... do you love our "SOUND SYSTEM"?

touch ups!

yes girls, look for the most difficult thing to balance on & use that. lol


a parade of girls walking down the side of an 80km/h highway in small clothes. in the cold. nothing to see here!

yana, working it. she didn't look cold AT ALL...
while in reality, the other ladies were doing this:


sam holding onto carrie while she balance-beamed on the train tracks. :)
"it's like she can't stand by herself... like mariah carey"

work. ing. itttttt.

& here's just a little preview video of the girls having fun together!
watch it in HD if you're cool ;)

more to come when more comes. hahaha
hopefully our new lookbook will be posted in full on within a few weeks :)


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  1. those pictures are awesome!!!
    looks like you guys had a lot of fun ^^
    can't wait to see your finished lookbook <3


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