Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fashion Show - Deadly Sins 2: The Circus

This past Friday was the big Deadly Sins Fashion show & Event at Home nightclub! We've been prepping for this for a while now & had quite a few rehearsals & fittings so we got to know a lot of other models & designers pretty well, so we knew it was gonna be a ton of fun. Just for a bit of background, the organizers of the event are Steve and Maral & their company is called Hadenation. These two are awesome people who do these events for designers, models, makeup artists, photographers etc to network & all profits go to fund local music artists' ventures.

Basically, the event was circus themed & a lot of the designers did corsetry & lingerie to follow with a bit of a freakshow/burlesque theme. We wanted to do something similar but something that still suited our 'brand' so we gravitated towards a circus clown look. So our mini collection had a few of our pieces that we carry regularly & a few new designs :)

The event organizers were amazing, the models were not just gorgeous but had amazing personalities that made them so fun to hang out with AND killer on the runway! We had so much fun backstage & it was even more fun cause we were in costume for halloween. Here's a ton of pictures of what it's like backstage at a club fashion show... enjoy :)

our trusty clothing rack

yep, our gals had clown hats! they were soooo fun to make!

oh my god shoes. (sponsored by aldo!)


a little monster

prepping my black & red lips.

hope's honest reaction to her first time seeing my costume.
ahahahaha this photo is priceless.

sam & i, doing it up gaga (again & again).

these ladies kept us company allllll day ♥
Melissa (in L&B), Hope in (Rob Emery Designs) & Brianna (in Super Sweet & Sexy)

body paints!!! ahhhh, nakedness!

5 out of 7 of our outfits! on Sasha, Melissa, Sarah, Brianna & Hope
(the ladies hit the runway to Rihanna's "Only Girl")

Ella in another of our outfits

& Isabelle in our last outfit!

We were also asked, in addition to our collection, to design an avant garde outfit to represent a "deadly sin". We chose to do pride...

Hope in the proud peacock

& Ortal in the swan! loooooved her! :)

dem birdies!

cupcakes brought to you by a gorgeous model in a tuxedo romper? yes please!

Melissa & designer Amber Lynn

guns, caution tape, cops! get it? hah

these cupcakes got sat on :(
they were on a couch and this photographer backed himself onto them & sat, I was screaming warnings but I guess the music was too loud & he was too focused on getting a shot... dang.

Anyways, everything went smoothly & we appreciate the help from Maral and Steve and all of the models sooooo much. It was such a great experience for us & everyones' talents combined just made for an awesome night. hopefully we get to see some shots from the audience's point of view soon & we'll share those as well! Hope everyone had a happy & safe halloween, we had a blast all wekekend & will share more pics soon.


ps, a special thanks to our cousin Shellie for being a huge supporter of us since day one! you're always helping us out by coming to our events & shows and showing your support by checking out our blogs & facebook updates. thanks for coming to watch the show; you're the greatest!!

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  1. wow everything looks like it was great! good post thanks for sharing.


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