Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DIY Balmain Dress

I'm a ridiculous person. Ever since I was young, I remember becoming very obsessive with meticulously time-consuming crafts. I would become addicted to completing overwhelming cross-stitch pieces or multi-row friendship bracelets. I would spend hours devoting time to my projects and whenever I was doing other things... I'd be thinking about finishing my work.

I took on this project knowing that it would be ridiculously long and tedious, but I loved every moment of it and finishing was SO satisfying.

I think that some DIY posts are successful because readers feel like they can achieve the same results, while others are great because of the wow factor. I'm really hoping for the wow-factor here. Check out my DIY Balmain by clicking on any of the pics below! Hope you like it!

Missed out on Balmain x H&M? If you've got the patience, try out this tutorial for a DIY Balmain Beaded Dress with dimensional fabric paint. #hmbalmaination

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  1. Absolutely STUNNING!!!! I bow down not only to your skill, but to your patience. I am a muralist, and artist in many areas. I could never have the kind of patience you have. This piece of work is GORGEOUS! BRAVO!!!!! *thunderous applause*

  2. Holy wow, that is a really awesome DIY! I would not have the patience to paint all those dots, but you're totally right-- the WOW factor is there and the dress looks AMAZING!

  3. I really wanna do this to a skirt, I might do it in my free week...

  4. Wowwawoowa! This is a stunning piece indeed! Great Job Lady!


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