Friday, November 30, 2012

wedding weekends

So here are the last of my wedding weekend posts. I know it went by quickly, but it's already over! I originally started writing for Precious Invitations as a freelance guest-blogger-- I was going to write for them twice weekly for 8 weeks and then we would discuss how they would like me to continue posting. They invited me to continue but to increase my posting to thrice weekly!

Lemme tell you, writing these posts was so fun for me and I would have continued but another huge opportunity came up for me unexpectedly. These are my last posts with Precious Invitations but I promise, it's not the end of my wedding-related posts.

I know this is cryptic, but I'll have more news for you all very soon! For now, click through each of the photos to read my articles:

DIY Ring Pillow
- Make a cute personalized pillow with the date of your wedding on it! Pretty easy & so meaningful :)

What to Wear to your Bachelorette
- From the crazy party night out to a spa weekend. Here are my outfit picks!

DIY Jam Jar Favours
- I love fruit preserves and sharing all the deliciousness from my yearly garden. This is just a simple cover idea to make your jam jars match your wedding theme.

DIY Fruit Escort Cards
- Keeping with a cute rustic theme, these escort cards aren't just cute-- they'll stay put if you've got an outdoor wedding & a breeze risks blowing away any little pieces of paper.


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