Wednesday, November 14, 2012

DIY Baroque Fitted Cap

Baseball caps. I'm obsessed. When fall comes, I'm constantly sporting headwear & right now I've been alternating between my fitted cap and my trusty floppy beanie. Anyway, this week's DIY is a really easy fix up of a boring hat-- change a blank into a designer inspired one with some appliques! Check out the full tutorial on Chictopia by clicking the images below.

Short story: Matt's Grandma was clearing out a bunch of old clothes and wouldn't you know it-- she's pretty much my size. I grabbed a bunch of amazing vintage skirts, a cape that I wore here and this vintage fur. It's got her name embroidered on the inside pocket, so it's a piece I'll always value in my closet... I'm yet to actually wear it out though because-- what the heck do I wear it with?


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