Tuesday, November 6, 2012

wedding weekends

Yeah, this is late... or maybe EARLY? I forgot to update you on my past two weeks of wedding blogging! Late or not, here's what I wrote about:

Fashion weeks. I think I'm finally getting a grasp on trend analysis and how they'll translate. I took a look through a billion pics of NY Bridal Week Fashion shows and broke down some quick trends.

I made a bridal sash with those little melted-edge satin flowers I've been seeing everywhere. Cute for a wedding or just to jazz up any dress.

Totes gonna do this. Matching dancing shoes for your bridal party? yes.

I hit up the ol' Polyvore account and made a couple of colages on what to wear to your wedding shower :)

Read, Pin, Enjoy!


  1. Completely unrelated to your post, but you two should visit Chicago sometime, I think you'd both love it.

    1. That's funny that you should mention that! I have a best friend living there now and had the chance to visit... but the flight was just out of my budget :( My fiance went for business though and assures me that the Architectural River Boat Cruise is phenomenal! :)


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