Friday, March 8, 2013

charlotte ronson fall/winter 2013

The Charlotte Ronson Presentation was busy. Like, crazy busy. For the past couple of fashion weeks, whenever there was a presentation at the "box", we could give ourselves time because it meant there was an entire hour (or two) when we could just waltz right in and snap some photos, and be on our merry ways. We waited in a massive line for almost a half hour to get in & when we left there was still a line!

Ronson was around and constantly in the centre of a large crowd being interviewed and her famous sis, Sam Ronson was DJing. With clean 60's styling and cute jams to match, it was a fun show to attend. Read our full review on Chictopia! and check out some of my favourite pics below (and peep those outline manicures)!

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  1. This is amazing! I love the dresses and the leather look and the prints.

    I love your blog



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