Sunday, March 3, 2013

nyfw friday

While I want to start this blog off by saying it's "better late than never", that's actually not true when it comes to fashion events, is it? Surely you've already heard everything about nyfw and the super-storm that hit it early in the week. Nevertheless, I'll still let you all into nyfw from our humble point of view.

Only a year ago, we had never been to NYC and this February, we ventured out on our third trip to fashion week. We're so thankful to Chictopia for offering us the opportunity to earn this trip every six months... I don't know any company who treats their freelancers this well!

Packing for this trip was so difficult because we were warned of this impending blizzard that would be hitting us in Toronto, while we were about to embark on our trip. Obviously, it was also slated to follow us to our destination in New York when we arrived. My mentality while packing was just, "eff it, I want to be warm." so I opted for modest heels and wore two coats at all times.

In our previous trips, we stayed a few subway stops away from the Lincoln Center, thinking "oh, it's only a couple of stops and a few minutes to walk", but this time laziness got the best of me & I immediately booked at the Empire Hotel when I found out that we were going. This hotel is so laughably close, that they actually have a camera pointed at Lincoln Square so that you can watch it on the TV in your room. YES. Oh yeah, and it's basically the Gossip Girl Hotel.

Just a really quick rundown of Friday...
We took an overnight trip into NYC, arrived at 8am and THANKFULLY our room was ready for early check-in

apparently Sam predicted the decor when she wore her Mink Pink tiger sweater from LuLu*s.

Settled into our room for a bit and then headed out to check out times square while the blizzard started

We went to Times Square again, and the hail was legit whipping us in the faces, so it wasn't a great time & it was just too hard to take out a camera. We fabric shopped a bit but it was generally an uneventful day.

Went to our first few fashion shows:

Chartreuse Paisley Dress from LuLu*s, Marc by Marc Jacobs Werdie satchel, UB leather perfecto jacket, Aldo viersen boots.

Zara faux fur coat, Call it Spring brass knuckle purse, Blackmilk resurrection leggings.

We finished the night with Dinner at Ed's Chowder House (because it's IN the hotel & we don't have to brave the inclement conditions) and a few beers in our room. It was phenom.

Pics of the Fashion Shows are coming up in separate posts! Thanks for your patience guys!

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