Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Seasonal Wardrobes (and GIVEAWAY)

Living in Canada means experiencing the most extremes of the weather spectrum. Within a calendar year it's not unusual to experience temperatures that feel as low as -40C to as high as 40C (that's -40 to 104 F!). For most people this means having completely seasonal wardrobes that require a storage rotation. Even though I remember my mom doing this for me when I was younger, I always wanted to access my summer wardrobe in the winter and vice versa. So my closet is stored in a way that I can access all of my clothing always (with a huge exception for my winter parka and snow boots).

My Elsy Tights subscription service

So I have a question:

Do you rotate your seasonal wardrobe OR do you keep a wardrobe with all-season pieces?

My Elsy Tights subscription service

My Elsy Tights subscription service

As a non-rotator there are certain pieces that are key for transitioning between seasons. What some may call a "summer dress" I say is just a great dress for any weather if you know what to pair it with. Never underestimate the power of a leather jacket, booties and the right tights.

My must-haves for tights? Soft, black, and no uncomfortable seams. Check, check and check.

My Elsy Tights subscription service

My Elsy Tights subscription service

A new startup called Elsy Tights is now offering a service of quality tights delivered monthly at only $20 with free shipping! You can choose to get tights monthly (if you're like me and have the tendency to rip through them. Hello, long nails!) or every two or three months.

My Elsy Tights subscription service

Elsy Tights was kind enough to send us a free month of their service and we want you to win your first month of Elsy membership free too! Enter below!

Elsy Tights - One Month Subscription Giveaway

Ready to get started now? Elsy Tights is offering our readers 10% off their first month with Elsy promo code: LIPGLOSS10

Wearing Elsy Tights the Henkaa Ivy Convertible dress & :

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