Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Why I finally bought rain boots

 photo hunterboots-sylandsam01.jpg

Every year we go to tons of summer music festivals and concerts. It combines our love of music, food and just lounging around with like-minded people.

Without fail, every year it will rain on at least one of the concert dates. Whether it's a small sprinkling or a crazy downpour, it happens. I think in my mind I assume that it won't be too bad to get a few drops of rain on my head. In reality though, the rain turns the ground into a mud pit and I'm instantly regretting my choice of impractical footwear.

 photo muddyshoes-sylandsam.jpg
(Silly me on the right)

 photo davrainboots-sylandsam.jpg
(Smart Sam in her cute rain boots)

Three summers in a row, I dealt with muddy shoes and wet socks. This year I had made my final mistake and caved... I bought my first pair of Hunter rain boots.

 photo hunterboots-sylandsam03.jpg

I had put off the purchase for so long because the concept of cost per wear is so important to me. When thinking about how many times I could potentially wear rain boots in an average year I really couldn't think of more than once or twice a year.

Since buying them in August though, I've been able to wear them in the summer to a festival and then at least 10 times this fall through all the frequent rain storms. (Is every year this rainy in the fall? I can't remember)

 photo hunterboots-sylandsam02.jpg

The unexpected effect of buying these? Instead of feeling fearful that I'll be ruining a pair of shoes, I actually look forward to looking cute on rainy days! No regrets.

Wearing: The Sakura mini convertible dress and:


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