Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Prep

Sam & I have been on a bit of a computer hiatus (which is UBER-RARE!) because we've been busy all week with Christmas prep at home. Baking, cleaning, gift-wrapping, decorating & the occasional trip to the mall have been the only things on our daily schedule.

It's been hard to get into a holiday mood this year... I'm not sure whether it's the weather but I guess the older you get, the more you need to create the festive-ness around you? Well, we've been trying. I've been snapping pictures all week of our yule adventures, so enjoy!

a couple weeks ago, my cousins sent over a big gift box filled with goodies!

they had already baked TONS of goodies by mid-december & we hadn't even thought about what recipes we wanted to try yet!

caitlyn & a rumball

in my attempt to get in the christmas spirit-- my christmas sweater nails.

& our house has been filling up with crazy christmas decorations:

bahahahah. this brooch.

&my best friend got a sweet little puppy, who I visited about a week before Christmas!

Hi Roxie! She's a golden doodle!

We've been baking up a storm; I think we totaled 8 or 9 different recipes?

mocha tea cookies iced with snowflakes

orange pekoe. that's my jaaaaaam.

kahlua truffles dipped in chocolate

chocolate & peppermint stripe things

not pictured: oatmeal shortbread cookies, spice cookies, walnut thimbles, rosemary-swiss shortbread (they're savoury appetizer cookies! mmmm!)

& my adventure with macarons!
the first batch was disastrous & the second batch was equally as bad (both times, the batter was too runny). So my improvising with the second batch was to just make tiny bite sized macarons instead of 2" ones, as the recipe had called for. They are obscenely small but actually worked out instead of being completely wasted like the first batch of batter! It was soooo difficult & I was near tears so many times, but I would say it was worth it & would definitely try again!

parfait, non?

aaaaaand of course there are a large number of them that are mis-shapen, have cracks, don't have les pieds and are oddly sized. ah well, just as delicious as the pretty ones!

Hope everyone isn't too beat-down & stressed-out by the busiest shopping day of the year & is starting to actually feel the more positive spirit of Christmas :) I can't wait for all the Christmas feasts & I loooooove giving gifts-- so I can't wait for that either! (& I hate getting gifts cause it always makes me cry... and usually in front of the family camcorder. lol)

ANYWAYS, have an amazing, safe holiday season & a happy new year (if I don't get a chance to blog before then!)


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