Thursday, December 30, 2010

blogger meetups!

So it's fun to have those friends on blogs that you can always rely on to comment on your posts, but it gets REALLY exciting when you get a chance to meet-up with a long-time virtual friend :)

Katrina, the girl behind The Demure Muse, has been on my radar for years now, as a fellow blogger, tweeter & etsian. We're not only mutual fans of each others work (check out Anirtak jewelry!), we also found out over time that we have a ton in common!

- We tweet, blog & sell our handmade stuff on etsy
- We're both nerdy girls who went to university for engineering (I dropped out, she's graduating this year)
- We have found that we have some mutual friends
- & We both have our septums pierced but we have them hidden (!!!)

She happened to be the lucky winner of our second L&B giveaway with this adorable picture getting an amazing 163 votes!

Katrina won a skull cut-out tee from us & suggested that instead of shipping it to her that we should meet up downtown! Our plan was basically to walk the typical strip along the route of the Eaton Centre & Queen Street and do a bit of Chinatown & Kensington Market. We managed to trek all over town chit-chatting so much as we went that we both forgot why our bags were so heavy. We were both carrying (and not using) our heavy-ass Canon Rebel DSLRS. such nerds. We did take just a couple of shots though-- although the one thing I wish that we had captured was when our waitress at the Pho restaurant served another table by lying across ours. I was too shocked to react. hahahah

syl & kat! (at this point, my hair had been biebered by the wind. oh god no.)
this is the only photographic proof of our meeting! eeek!

the view of the CN from spadina

our 'outfit' shots. (aka layers & layers of black and grey clothing)
notable items: my new pewter doc martens from matt & katrina's yeti mittens from her sis!

our trek around town was focused in the major shopping areas of town... but really the only thing we bought was lunch & then these waffle things. mmmmm.

ANYHOW, today was so fun & meeting Katrina was amazing. HI KATRINA!
I just gave her the skull cut-out tee in grey & a L&B recycled fabric tote bag & I really didn't expect her to bring me something.

But being such a sweetheart, I should have expected a little gift from her! Katrina had of course done a little bit of creeping on my Etsy Favourites & found that I had liked her Secret Love Letter Necklace so she brought one for me! :) ... the only thing I'm wondering is-- why didn't mine come with a sexy love note Kat?! HUH?! lol

here are a couple pics of me sporting it tonight! I'll treasure it forever :)

Don't forget to check out Katrina at The Demure Muse & Anirtak jewelry



  1. omg those waffle things. I can't even begin to comprehend them.

  2. LOL! The iron for this just makes these bite-sized mini waffles that you can break off. They're sooo yummy cause each one is crispy & seals in the hot waffley goodness :)

  3. SYL!! It was so fun to finally meet up with you. I can't believe how similar we are and how it felt like we were long lost bffs... or something like that. :P

    Thank you again so much for being such a sweetheart and hanging out for the day. I will never forget the look of complete shock when the server invited herself across my lap to serve the other table. PRICELESS! haha

  4. definitely like meeting up with an old friend to catch up!! ♥

    I hope we'll cross paths again soon! xox


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