Thursday, December 9, 2010

more konad nail plates - thanks ladies :)

Why, I ask, do we have such cool friends? Like, cool enough to send us gifts for no reason. WHY? It's SO AWESOME.

I just wanted to devote a really quick blogpost to our friend Kendra for just randomly shipping a Konad set to us! In this adorable little chinese brocade pouch were three special nail polishes, a stamp and scraper set & plates m2 and m3! THANK YOU KENDRA! ♥

If you've been following us for a bit, you'll know that a few months ago our fellow blogger Mai sent us some awesome nail plates too! So we sent her a rosette statement necklace from our online shop! Check out her blogpost wearing the necklace :) THANKS MAI ♥

If you're new to Konad products, I have a photo instructional on how to apply nail stamps that you can check out!

I'm trying to think of a way to make ourselves blog more often-- so I'm considering starting a photo 365 (photo a day for a year) starting on January 1st! orrr maybe some kind of wardrobe challenge or something. Any suggestions? Anyone else taking up any blogging challenges?



  1. :) Thank you for the rosette necklace! It's the most stylish thing I own!

    I'd love to see an outfit of the day thing or maybe nails of the day!

  2. hey hey, been stalking this blog for awhile but haven't had a moment to actually comment. just wanna say congrats on the website, all the clothes look amazing!! love all your tuts and pics (kat von d!!), take care and best of luck!!

  3. @Mai, you're sooo welcome! thank YOU!
    I'm hoping if I give myself a loose blogging guideline-- like a photo a day for the whole year, that it'll force me to still post on lazy days but I'll also work in daily outfits & nails. :)

    @Jo, YAY! Thanks for still continuing to follow along :) you're the greatest! frig, isn't kat so hot? haha


  4. since you asked for ideas on what to blog, can you do any more sewing tutorials? as someone who is new to sewing and finds the things you guys make really inspiring i would be ecstatic to see more of how you guys do these things =) even some simple things! like i loved the leggings tutorial! trying to just jump into sewing is really intimidating and having things to specifically try is really great. i love everything you guys do, keep up the great work and happy holidays!

  5. @catchabreath thank you for your suggestion! we're definitely taking it to heart. You're so right that it's tough to find a place to start... we definitely eased into clothing making slowly from things like silkscreening & then t-shirt cutting too. I'm sure that in 365 posts this year, I can definitely throw in some tuts!


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