Sunday, June 10, 2012

growing greens

Every year we've been growing herbs, fruits & veggies in our backyard. It's transformed from a little hobby into a big part of our lives. We usually buy little starter plants in May and we transplant them into our garden or into larger pots. This year we decided to take things a step further; we started our entire garden from seeds! Back in April, Matt built a "grow box". He built a rectangular box with a light inside that is mounted on a chain-- as the seeds grew to little sprouts, we could raise up the lamp. It was super cool to grow these little guys indoors & get to watch them everyday as they sprouted little leaves. :)

We started in individual biodegradable pots

These tomato seeds were dyed so you could tell which were which heirloom variety!

our planted seeds in the grow box


baby spring greens

baby beets


spring greens growing lots more!

baby kale! Yum :P


jewel toned beets (you can call us beet farmers now)

heirloom tomatoes

Since these photos, we've transplanted all of our plants outside! We'll post more photos of our garden soon ♥


  1. That's just lovely! I wish I had a garden

  2. This is so cool! Love how Matt engineered the crap out of the lighting problem!
    Can't wait to see your next post where I'm sure it's going to look like you guys have enough tomatoes to stock your own little grocery store. :D

  3. I love seeing other bloggers grow their veggies! My boyfriend & I have had to stop for a while when we moved in with my parents because we didn't have the room for our vegie garden.. :-( But we just found out today that we're getting our own house again, so I can't wait to start growing!


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