Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Earlier today, I decided to look back on some old posts. I'm not sure what made me do it & why I went all the way to the first posts in this blog, but I suddenly realized that our first post went up on June 14th, 2010. That was exactly TWO years ago! that's when we realized that it's our blog's second birthday & we weren't even keeping track :)

So we decided to be nerds & bake up some rainbow chip cupcakes to celebrate.

This year was our biggest year yet! We grew so much as a blog and as of yesterday, we have 1000+ subscribers via google friend connect, bloglovin, and email subscribtions!

blog by the numbers:
from june 14th 2011 to june 14th 2012
- 90,513 unique visitors
- 30 #manicuremonday tutorials
- 21 #fashiondiy tutorials
- 8 giveaways
- 1 trip to NYC for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week c/o Chictopia

most visited posts this year:
1. Tutorials Page
2. Bjork's Swan Dress
3. Tutorial - Galaxy Purse
4. Tutorial - Ombre Nails
5. Shop Page
6. Tutorial - Dry Water Marble Nails
7. Tutorial - Bandaged Leggings
8. Tutorial - Inspired by Glitter Litas
9. Tutorial - Cupcake Nails

Do you have any favourites from this past year?

Thank you ALL for reading our blog and continuing to support us by tweeting, pinning and liking our posts! It means so much to us that we have such loyal readers that help us share our ideas with others!


  1. Congrats, ladies!! This is HUUUUGE and I'm so proud of you two. :)

  2. Crazy, small world - I came across this blog from someone's instagram account and instantly recognized Syl's hair. You (Syl) rang up my purchase at your work a few days ago. Great blog btw, I love the DIY tutorials.

  3. haha, it IS a small world! what shoes did you get? ;)
    thanks for checking out our blog! xo

  4. I think your skull cutout shirt was in an episode of Workaholics, the episode with Rumer Willis in it.

  5. You are so amazing! congrats for your blog-b-day! may your onward years will be even greater!


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