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066: tutorial - inspired by glitter litas

So I've definitely been spying on Glitter Litas by Jeffrey Campbell on and I've been seriously been thinking about getting myself a pair. I've added it to my cart and entered all my billing information but just forced myself to close the browser. Unfortunately, I couldn't justify $159.95 + $15 shipping and potential taxes + duties to Canada. Here are some photos of my glitter covered Jeffrey Campbells that I've been drooling over:
Lita, Foxy, & 99 Tie

I was in a conversation with one of my friends and I realized that it would be a really fun project to cover an old pair of shoes with glitter. I'm just going to share the process and the final result, so I guess this post will be a how I did it post.

Materials I used:
  • Newspaper or just large pieces of paper - to keep the glitter from coating the desk or floor
  • Scissors/Exacto knife - I used them to cut off an unwanted design detail and removing the masking tape
  • Sandpaper - to rough up the surface of faux shoes of choice were very smooth
  • Plastic bags - to stuff in the shoes to keep the glitter from piling up inside
  • Masking tape - to tape off the soles and to help clean up glitter
  • Vaseline - to help keep glue off of the metal notions on shoes (e.g. grommets)
  • Q-Tips - to spread the glue & Vaseline in smaller areas 
  • Latex gloves - I used one glove: for making sure that I was able to press down the glitter into the glue
  • Amazing Goop craft glue: 60mL  - I ended up using it all up
  • Make-up sponge - to help spread the glue over the surface of the shoes
  • 2 bottles of glitter - I bought 4 because I'm not the best at estimating. I mixed 2 shades of blue
  • Pair of shoes - I bought brand new ones that resembled Litas. I couldn't find old ones in my closet
  • Vacuum - for the clean up (of course!)

I tested Tacky glue as well as Goop. Goop works a lot better because Tacky glue peeled right off the shoe. I ended up using 1.5 bottles of glitter.

Mixing the two shades of blue.

These are the shoes I bought from Urban Planet. They cost $15 but I used my SPC card and got 10% off. So the math is: $15 - $1.50 = $13.50 + 13% tax = $15.26  Not bad eh? I love the gum soles and I like them even without the glitter!

Removed the shoe laces in preparation.

I cut off the sherling flaps but made sure to analyze the stitching before doing so. I didn't want to cause noticeable damage to the rest of the shoe.

Using a small piece of sand paper I sanded down the whole shoe to roughen up the surface.

I stuffed about 3 small produce plastic bags into each shoe to reduce the amount of glitter that end up inside.

Using masking tape...

I made sure to line the sole around so that I wouldn't get glue on it.

Using Vaseline...

I coated all the metal notions to ensure that the glue doesn't get stuck on any of them.

Using a small piece of a make-up sponge...

I spread the glue in small sections at a time....

then sprinkled glitter on. I pressed the glitter on with a little pressure with my fingers. This was to ensure that it was all stuck on before shaking of the excess glitter onto the paper/newspaper.

I did some touch ups in spots that I missed in the process.

It's a messy project but very rewarding.

Wait 24 hours for the glue to dry before peeling off the tape.
After 24 hours, I looked for spots that I missed. I touched them up and waited another 24 hours.

Next day - remove masking tape.

Cutting off the bits of masking tape that were slightly glued down.

Removing Vaseline & excess glitter

Lacing them back up

After 7 hours of glittering labour and a full 48 hours of waiting they're completed!

Lipgloss & Black cat eye sunglasses, Stitches zippered dress

XXI faux fur shrug

Stitches tights & shoes decorated by me :)


AFTER! (pictures don't show the sparkle)

Showing off the glitter

Total cost:
  • Amazing Goop craft glue: 60mL  - ~$4
  • 4 bottles of glitter - $4.52
  • Pair of shoes - $15.26
Approximately $23.78

    Hope you enjoyed that! xoxo
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    1. Omg, this is absolutely fabulous :) I adoooooore it :) Makes me want to grab the boots I ruined with paint (poor babies) and make them a glitter bomb haha. actually, i think i will XD great blog


      I absolutely love the step-by-step process photos. The end result looks like it was totally worth the time. I also can't believe you found those boots at UP for $15. The cheapest boots I've been able to find there were $20 and even then I thought I was getting a deal.

    3. They look amazing!! I love how creative you are! :)

    4. i absolutely LOVE this and your tutorials!! i followed your lace glasses tutorial from way back when for a hello kitty goth party and EVERYONE was asking about it! So simple!! I'm gonna try this one out too...Just got me some pretty Martha Stewart glitter that needs to be put to use! :D

    5. O____O can't believe what I'm seeing.

      this is F*****' AMAZING O___O

    6. That's amazing...but does the glitter fall off everywhere you walk?

    7. These turned out amazingly well! I love the colour of glitter you chose!

    8. HOLY CRUD!!!!
      this is geniussss
      im gonna go glitter my cat now hahaha kiddinggg.

    9. @EveyHoneysuckle
      Thanks so much! You should totally try it out! It's so rewarding in the end! <3

      Thanks! It was so difficult to take pictures with my left hand while trying not to get glue or glitter all over the camera!
      For real? I don't know...Syl & I went searching for a suitable pair of boots all over the mall and I didn't expect to find any for $15 but I somehow did!


      Thank you! Martha Stewart has awesome glitter! I always love looking at her stuff at Michaels! Definitely give it a go!

      LOL! Thank you!!! <3

      @RosMari Brand
      Yes it does, but that's just part of working with glitter. I did a nice little dance before & after shooting the photos. I haven't worn them out yet so I have yet to find out how much it's going to shed. I heard that some people like to do a final coat of adhesive spray to help keep the glitter on. I don't know how well that works.

      Oh gosh...NBD just some elementary glittering :P Thanks :)

      @Becca Jane
      Yeah, I'm actually quite happy with the blue because while I was at the dollar store searching for glitter...I didn't have many to choose from :( Many of them were pastel shades.

      Thanks Candice!! xoxo

      @chern said...
      HAHAHAHA! Glitter coated cat may or may not be very unhappy with you. ;)

    10. in loooooooove with this. who knew those shoes could be decked out like this? omg.

    11. Coolest DIY ever. I'm definately going to give it a go! A-freaken-mazin!

      OMG. Glittery Oxfords...

    12. I really like your blog and this DIY!! Certainly check out the link and you find yourself from there, in my Damoiselle Merit blog and tell all your friends. :)

      Damoiselle Merit

    13. I really like your blog and this DIY!! Certainly check out the link and you find yourself from there, in my Damoiselle Merit blog and tell all your friends. :)

      Damoiselle Merit

    14. in loooooooove with this. who knew those shoes could be decked out like this? omg.

    15. These turned out amazingly well! I love the colour of glitter you chose!

    16. Amazing! Do you have anything to recommend painting over the top of the glitter - like a top coat, or varnish so the glitter doesn't come off?

    17. What type of glue, if it's a good idea to do so, would you put over the finished boot to reduce the amount of glitter lose? I wouldn't want to worry about patches of glitter missing overtime or be annoyed that everywhere I went, glitter would follow in steps lol


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