Monday, March 28, 2011

086: behind the scenes

Shooting with Carrie Jade this weekend was loads of fun.
& lemme tell you, she's a good hostess too! She baked cupcakes for us & prepped a candy platter too! amaaaazing.

i forgot to take behind the scenes shots until the shoot was basically over... so we ate most of the candies. haha

we ate most of the cherry chip cupcakes too!

easter smarties! so cute, carrie! ♥ thank you!

we brought the healthy shiz.
well, the dips aren't that healthy but hey.

my lil traincase

it's packed like sardines in dis bitch

our friend Rebecca let us borrow her studio lights for the shoot & gave us this AMAZING diagram to help us set up! so wonderful! :)

prepping sam-- pic taken by carrie jade's cellphone. haha

Carrie's a young photographer but from working with her in the past, I knew that she was bold and was good with giving models directions when they started falling flat. It was a good thing too because Sam & I are kinda dud models in the first place & we were so tired, I felt like my face kept defaulting to bitch-face every few minutes. gah. I have faith in Carrie though & I'm sure she caught us in some good moments :)

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  1. I love all the accessories on the two of you. I cannot WAIT to see the photos from this shoot!!


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