Tuesday, March 29, 2011

087: the leather man

Yes, the title of my post refers to that ridiiiiculous SNL skit "the leather man", where Jimmy Fallon is a leather-obsessed leather store owner. It also refers to my current obsession with leathers... I'm sure it's apparent when my usual outfits consist of my leather jacket, leather gloves & leather purse.

Sam & I went thrift shopping in a few local shops & we ended up with a huge haul of leather bottoms, which I'm so excited about! I was hoping to find lots so that I could refashion them kinda like I did to my leather skirt & put them into our shop to share with you guys :) It's been a while since we've had anything vintage in store & I hope that it's something our customers will still be interested in!

3 amazing pairs of uber high waist pleated leather pants

some suede & leather skirts in black & purples.
all high-waist pencil-ish style.

I'll be working hard on customizing all of these & hopefully we'll have some fresh new accessories made from the leather too :)

Also, Lady Gaga was #bornthisday! I saw this adorable vid of her singing born this way in a mariachi style on Gaga Daily. Check it out:


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  1. three pairs of high-wasted leather pants...im excited to see what will come out of this !

  2. Which exact thrift stores do you guys go to? I'm a Torontonian too, and never find this stuff.

  3. We're actually from outside of Toronto (Brampton/Mississauga) and I find that thrift stores really vary based on the area you're shopping in! Try out other shops & go often! In order of how much I love them, I shop at Salvation Army, Talize & Value Village :)


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