Monday, March 7, 2011

065: strength

Today's outfit was just a laaaazy day get-up; I just went out to grab groceries. It unintentionally turned into what looks like a chic 'activewear' type of look, so I'm gonna talk about fitness. (yes, you can make fun of me for thinking an outfit with heels & a leather jacket looks "active" haha)

white leatherette jacket - gift from friends :), sweetheart crop top by L&B, harem sweatpants from xxi, shoes by jeffrey campbell

(The top is a new experiment with reconstructing tees into teeny crop tops! Let me know what you think, because I'm thinking of making more for the shop :) )

About a year ago, I started using an ipod app called "MyFitnessPal". I told some friends about it, as it was a fun way for me to keep track of my calories & my exercise but I stopped using it after a month or so. This past week, a friend of mine started telling me about like it was some new thing! I was surprised to learn that she was using it regularly & had a bunch of other friends using it too! It's almost like a social network where you can keep track of what your friends ate & how much they exercise. Basically guilting you into eating better & working out more.

I've been wanting to start my mission to a better summer body, but had little motivation. But since I started using MFP again (after 10 months off!), I've already done an hour of working out each day :) The goal for me isn't to lose any weight, but just to get some tone overall. I've been doing select workouts from the P90x dvds & just cutting down on snacking on sweets. What do you guys do to stay in shape? Do you find it tough to make the time to do it? How do you stay motivated?


ps, this is my post making up for missing posting yesterday. Later tonight Sam has a surprise post for you guys! hint: she is shoe-obsessed.

pps, check out Cindy from Tea Time with Dinosaurs modeling the Rosette bib necklace! (Go to her blog to see more photos & what she has to say about it!) She won the contest we held at The Demure Muse & chose the rosette necklace :) Congrats Cindy! It looks adorable on you!

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  1. love this, chic n fun!!!!! Want your shoes!!!! How come this isn't on chictopia!!!??? :)

  2. No Joke, I literally just opened my laptop to research how many calories and crap I should be consuming each day. My new job is basically a work out so now its all about food. Im with you. I am all about gaining some tone. :) crazy, Im gonna check the website now.


  3. Super cute outfit. As far as staying in shape, I just try to eat healthy and keep track of my portions. I am a sucker for anything chocolate so that's one of my fact, just yesterday I made a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting...Haha...whoops, there goes the diet. (at least for a day or so.) I can't wait for summer though cos I know I'll be doing more running outdoors.

  4. love it! that bustier is amazing!

  5. Umm I would love one of those shirts!


  6. Umm I would love one of those shirts!



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