Tuesday, March 8, 2011

067: the fashion book

Have you seen Sam's Glitter Shoe Tutorial? If not, go take a look! It's awesome :)

There was a free shipping + $5 off coupon for chapters.ca so I took advantage & grabbed a few new books! One of them that I bought is called "The Fashion Book" & it's a mini book that is like a who's who of fashion. Each page features a designer, model or photographer significant to the fashion world & there's a large photo and paragraph that encapsulates each.

I'm really enjoying casually flipping through the pages. Apparently, since the listings are all in alphabetical order, they make an effort to juxtapose the photos to create a stark contrast between the opposing pages. So far I love these pages:

Kate Moss vs. Thierry Mugler

Martin Margiela vs. Dr. Martens
(love the photo of the cop & the skinhead with their docs!)

Anyway, tomorrow we will be announcing the winner of The Candy Shoppe Giveaway (which you can still enter until midnight tonight). & we're gonna have another treat for you!


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  1. I have this book and I love it! You have such great taste. :D

  2. Hey! DO you lovely ladies have and account on Polyvore? I have been trying to search for you but no luck...Help!?


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