Friday, March 11, 2011

070: stickers!

While we're doing our own giveaway on our blog, we were reminded of WHY we need to show our fans how much we appreciate them.

Look what came in the mail for us!!!

One of our customer/friends actually designed these customized stickers and printed this HUGE roll and sent it to us! I'm not sure the pictures are really showing how big this roll is! These stickers are 3 inches in diameter! hahaha.

It was only about a year ago that a customer sent us beautiful customized buttons! & as we did with those, we're going to share the love & give out the stickers with all of our packages we ship out! ♥

gotta love random acts of kindness! what's the nicest thing anyone's done for you?

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  1. awh, you have the best fans, such a sweetie!
    nicest thing? my friend had made me a card and given me a load of cute stickers (ha^) when my father passed away. Most people don't know how to handle death in a friend's life, at least i wouldn't. I just that that was the nicest thing. It just made me love her even more:)

  2. Those stickers are so cute! So sweet of her to do that :)

  3. Those are amazing!!!! Some people are just soooo wonderful!! :D


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