Sunday, March 20, 2011

078: steak & guinness pie

This is quite a delayed St. Patricks Day post, but I wanted to share some pics of our "Irish feast"! Other than going out wearing our favourite flogging molly & dropkick murphy tees to drink green beers, this is something that has become a fun tradition.

Last year, I grabbed Jamie Oliver's Steak & Guiness Pie recipe & gave it a try and it was totally a hit. So this year I made it again & I highly recommend trying it! It's so delicious with a pint of guinness & some peas :)

cooking up onions, carrots & celery

adding butter, rosemary, salt & pepper to taste

& about a pound of cubed stewing beef

then for the stout for the amazing flavour!

cooking the stew

& letting it stew for a few hours until it`s thicker

puff pastry for the shell

after stirring in some cheese (which i reduced a bit from the recipe), let the stew cool a bit & dump it in.

spread evenly

& cover with the top layer!

fold over the edges sloppily for a rustic look

brush with egg wash

& bake at 375 for 45 minutes


Go check out the full recipe here.
& maybe give it a try before next St. Patricks ;)


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