Saturday, March 19, 2011

077: jeffrey campbell

So many of you may already know that Syl & I absolutely love shoes. We decided to snap some photos of our Jeffrey Campbell collection =) This is just a very short & sweet photo post <3

Clinic, Mary Roks, Raid, Lita, Potion, Meeker, Tick NS, I do admit that those are JS's Danys & not JC's Foxys =(

Syl's (Missing her Pixies!)


Our shoeboxes!

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  1. Holy smokes! That is a brilliant collection! Now if only I could steal a few...

  2. ... I love them T_T
    alas, the platforms make me unable to wear them, without being like 6'4".
    I really like Syl's wedged boots. :/

  3. Hey does anyone know any good online shoe stores? I mean like discount designer stuff. I found these two amazing pair of boots at before realizing they don't ship to canada. I've never shopped online before, so I dont know anything!

  4. what designers are you looking for?
    we love to shop online for shoes at aldo, little burgundy, locale and browns because they typically have free canadian shipping and hassle-free in-store returns.

    our faves for when we've got more cash though are solestruck and nastygal

  5. I found these gorgeous Nine West thigh-high boots on dsw for like 50% off regular price... No certain brand, I was just hoping to find a store with a lot of brands and a pair I like (really picky about shoes!)


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