Wednesday, August 17, 2011

213: tutorial - cupcake nails

This week is my birthday! Have I told you that already? This Sunday! So the nails of the week shall be birthday themed. < :)

cute right? it's pretty easy to make a cupcake on your nails, whether you've got short or long ones.

colours used: china glaze pink underground (that I got from loose button, orly instant artist white, la colors atomic, opi mat-adore red.

start with a contrasting base coat (i'm gonna do it on my ring finger)

draw the "cup" part. it's a rectangle. woooo.

using a striper, draw the stripes on the cupcake liner

glob on a 'muffin top'. any general round scoop shape will do. haha

put a cherry on top!

using a toothpick, you can dot on the sprinkles!
if you're fancy you can do rainbow sprinkles.

I didn't particularly want cupcakes on EVERY nail so I alternated nails & decorated the others with stripes, dots & chevrons.


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  1. So cute! I love it and happy early birthday!!

  2. Its funny I just did a cupcake nail art on my blog not too long ago :P

  3. You guys are amaze-balls!!! I'm adding all your cute nail art to because people need to see your talent :)

  4. wow - these nails are super cute! how long did it take you to do them?


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