Monday, August 1, 2011

202: just my luck

I own a pair of Marc Jacobs' inspired flats. I picked these up from Market Village in Markham, Ontario. They're adorable and I love them!

Cute shoes eh?...

welll...not so much anymore

It seems that I wear shoes in a strange manner...
Why does all my footwear fall apart?

What is this? It's like that weird cotton ball-y faux halloween spiderwebs!

I don't even...

I'm going to attempt to repair these shoes that I can actually wear them again. Maybe I'll share my mini project sometime soon!

Do you ever wear your shoes until they fall apart? I guess I can say that it happens to me a lot.

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  1. oh no :( those are so so adorable! I am so obsessed with those Marc Jacobs flats but they're too pricey so I recently also blogged about a pair I found online for waaay cheaper lol. 
    do you drag your feet when you walk? Because I know I do that so my shoes, specially flats, fall apart quicker than other people's. 
    hope you can fix them! 

  2. I have the EXACT same problem, and it kills all of my flats. I supinate, meaning I distribute my weight on my feet unevenly, and my shoes are all worn down on the outer part of the heel. It's really unfortunate because I can't keep a favorite pair of shoes for too long, they just fall apart. So sad, so sad. Inserts help, but not all of my shoes accommodate inserts.

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    the Tsaritsa sez

  3. aww those flats are the cutest! how sad that they decided to fall apart! :(

    The Niknok Style

  4. I've done that. :( I had a pair of gorgeous black coach flats. I wore those babies until they wore a hole in the bottom of the sole. It was a sad day when they met the garbage can.

  5. try an industrial adhesive. i found some vintage leather shoes at a thrift store and the soles were becoming detached from the shoe and glue solved that problem real quick :)

  6. its ok it happens to me a lot.. doesn't look like they where made all that well.. but they are super cute I hope you can fix them :) I use E6000 for a lot of glueing needs and it works really well if you can pick some of that up :)

  7. There is something for just that! It's called Shoe Goo, I've used it on my boots because I tend to pull them off instead of unlacing them. They work really well!

  8. Happens to me a lot... My mom thinks I dont walk well!!

    But I generally buy cheaper shoes for daily wear and maybe a lil' more expensive for a formal thing..
    I live in India, and we do get a lot of shoes (flats and sandals) under 8 usd, but they do not last very long.
    I once saw these studded flats for 4 usd and so I bought them in 3 colours! And a month later all of them had 'sole' problems..

    Now steps in the cobbler, again in India to replace the sole of my shoe cost 2 usd..

    If you examine all my shoes, the all have stitches and glue marks on the inner sides, which the cobbler has worked on! Don't think I'd ever live without him!!


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