Friday, August 5, 2011

205: tutorial - detachable collar

So I've been wanting to make a detachable collar for a while now but I've been having trouble sacrificing a shirt for the project. Just recently though, my aunt has been in the process of completely purging her condo. She was my idol in the 80's and 90's and I always loved her style. Being only a decade and a half older than myself, I always saw her outfitted in the coolest swag. Luckily, she was one of those gals that kept EVERYTHING in her closet in case it ever came back in style, so this week I inherited a bunch of awesome denim shirts, body suits, "friends" style clothes and this ridiculous shirt:

a lot of tutorials are making collars from scratch, but let's be serious here... it's more fun to recycle &... be lazy.

cut the collar off making sure not to cut the straight-stitch off! That way you don't have to sew anything.

Now, you've got this random piece of fabric.

Give her a quick iron...
& use some starch if you have some on hand!

and she'll take form :)

And really, that's it! You've got yourself a detachable collar! But I'm sure you're going to want to decorate it a bit. You can grab some RIT dye & make it a fancy colour OR ombre dye it. You can take a sharpie or fabric paint & draw some crosses on it... or you can stud it like I did!

et voila! It's as simple as that!
It only took me two episodes of teen mom to stud it!

This cutie can be worn with a tank top or dress as a "necklace" type of accessory or you can wear it under a tee or sweater as a "dickie" so it seems like you're wearing a full collared shirt underneath :)



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  1. Really great idea! Thanks a lot, I might make one myself. One with lace would be really nice, indeed.

  2. Very cute! I definitely have to try this for Summer.

  3. such a great idea and easy to implement too! might have to try this out myself.

  4. Nice one!
    I was planning something similar,but like you, I'm having a hard time finding a shirt that I don't mind destroying for its collar! Love this one :)

  5. I loved raiding my mom's and aunt's closets. They always had the best of the 1970's. Just curious, what did you do with the rest of the shirt?? :P

  6. haha, it's sitting on the floor waiting for another rainy day.

    most likely the remainder of the shirt will become a few tote bags that we make to give away with all our clothing orders :)

  7. Just a quick suggestion if you decide to make another detachable collar... spray on starch (you can find it an most retail stores in the aisle that has the ironing boards, clothing pins, etc.);  it will help your collar keep its' shape, and will help preventing wrinkling (a bonus when you can't iron your collar again).

  8. good call p! forgot to add that in the tut, but i will now :)

    funny thing is, there's a HUGE spray can of it sitting in our studio. hah.

  9. hi!!!! amazing blog!! I follow you!! I have a blog about DIY too. Here's the link if you want to see it. Kisses!!

  10. Awesome DIY!! I've always wanted to make my own detachable collar! This will be a MUST for me!


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